How to create notifications to display on my website?

In this tutorial we will explain you how to add notifications to your widget and display them on your website.

First you need to open the tool for managing the social proof notifications, once you have opened it you should see a dashboard like this:

If you have not yet added your website to the software, add it by clicking on “create a notification widget”.

Then click in the menu on “configure alerts” tab.

This is where you will create alerts to display on your website. If you have 0 alerts, click on the button “create a new alert”.

Make sure to turn ON the alert to display it on your website. Once you have done this you can configure the alert and how you would like to display it. You can configure the delay between each alert and also you can add localized messages to the tool, that’s mean the message will be displayed in the language of the navigator of your visitors.

You can also use the option to geolocate the city, that’s mean it will display the city near the city of the visitor.

If you click on add a localized message you will see this popup.

The macro used such as the city or the name will be randomly replaced by a database of names and cities in order to create fake notifications.

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