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Get Access To 10s Of Millions Of Companies and Half A Billion Email Addresses And Phone Numbers. All Just A Few Clicks Away!

Export Businesses from any Industry πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’ΌπŸ’°πŸ“ˆ

Leverage our extensive database of 15 million companies to discover precisely the organizations that align with your requirements, be it industry, company size, location, name, and beyond.
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  • Search by Industry
  • Export To CSV
  • Unlimited Exports
  • Unlimited Records

Discover and connect with employees from any company effortlessly.πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’ΌπŸ­

Whether you’re seeking key decision makers or other professionals based on their job titles, our platform enables you to find their contact information.

Access emails and phone numbers of all the employees directly from the company’s website, allowing you to establish meaningful connections with ease.

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  • Search by domains
  • Employees Information
  • Company’s Detail
  • Social Profiles

Get Company Url From A List Of Company Names

  • Target specific companies
  • Get The Website URLs
  • Get All Available Employees Email Addressees & Phone Numbers
  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • HUGE Company Database
  • Half A Billion Contacts to Search
  • No Credit Card Required

Get Unlimited Email Addresses & Phone Numbers At The Click Of A Button

Frequently Asked Questions

HUGE B2B Database

  • How Is GetOffTheDamnPhone Different From Other Lead Data Providers?

    When you need leads, you should not be subject to limitations. if you want unlimited access, you can have it and we will not charge you extra for it as long as you have the mid tier "Prospector" plan.

    Another point of difference is the call center. I really beilieve in the power of cold calling so I wanted to make sure that if anyone wanted acces to a power dialer they could easily access it at a very cost effective price.

    There is nothing on the market that provides access to UNLIMITED leads at a low price plus access to a Call Center Power Dialer for just a couple of dollars per day extra.

    More information about the leads pricing can be found here.

    Information about the Call Center pricing can be found here.

  • What Types Of Data Can Be Extracted?

    It depends on which tool you use as they pull data from different sources.

    Sometimes it may be only name and email. More complete data sets can included linkedIn Profile details, phone numbers and company details.

    When using the Find B2B Contacts Tool you can expect data to look like this. 

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    You have the option of a 14 Day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required) to give the system a full test drive.

    Paid plans start at $49 per month . Unlimited plabs start at $99 per month.

    Call Centre Access costs $99 per month*. The call cenre requires some training and setting up so there is a once of set up fee of $1000.

  • Can I Export The Data Using Zapier?

    Yes you can use Zapier/API connections to import the data into the CRM of your choice.

    Alternately you can do it yourself by simply exporting a CSV file and importing directly into your CRM.

  • How Do I Contact The Leads?

    Firstly you can send unlimited bulk emails via our Cold Email Software. This allows you to send a once off email blast or you can set up long follow up sequences which will keep sending until your prospect replies, buys or signs up to your event.

    The software will allow you to connect to any email service provider. (Gmail, Amazon SES, SMTP, IMAP etc)

    We help with your inbox deliverability by providing an email warm up service included in the price.

    Secondly you can sign up for our optional call center software . This allows you to either call prospects directly or you can use your own sales staff to make calls for you. A third option is to use an external telemarketer which we can help you find.

  • Can I Cancel At Any Time?

    Yes, we make it easy to. You can cancel at the click of a button inside your dashboard

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