Unlimited Cold Email Sending❄️

Send engaging, personalized & even funny cold emails to get guaranteed opens. But don’t stop at one! Send a follow up sequence until you get a response all done using the GetOffTheDamnPhone Software.

Limits? What Limits?


  • UNLIMITED Bulk Email Sending*
  • UNLIMITED SMTP Accounts Can Be Connected

*Subject To The Rules Of Your SMTP/IMAP Provider

Follow Up Sequences Allow You To Dig Up Interested Leads

When you have access to unlimited leads and unlimited sending, it will not take you very long to craft a winning series of follow up emails.

Come inside and I will Show You!

Supercharge your follow-up process with automated and personalized outreach 🔥

Say goodbye to missed opportunities as you effortlessly send timely follow-up emails tailored to user behavior.
  • Track open rates, clicks, replies, and conversion rates for comprehensive campaign insights.
  • Enjoy the benefits of an unlimited email warm-up system, AI image personalization, and precise campaign scheduling.
  • Integrate seamlessly with API/Webhooks for efficient marketing automation.
lead scoring crm

Connect To ANY Email Provider

Send and receive emails from any email account including gmail!


Assign Value Score To Leads Based On Actions

The hottest leads are the ones that open your email, click your link and reply.

Know who they are, so you can send give them extra attention and follow ups.



Tried & Tested Email Templates From Different Industries


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I Send Bulk Email?


    Everything that you need to know can be found in our comprehensive cold email campaign guide. 

  • How Do I Import My Contacts Into Your System?

    First you need to extract some emails using Get Off The Damn Phone

    Then you have 2 options:

    1. Automatically, by clicking "Transfer data to campaign ". This will transfer your contacts into a list for you to use.

    2. Manually, bu uploading a CSV file

  • Can I connect via Zapier?


  • What is the Email Warm Up Feature?

    Read more about our email warm up feature here.

    Email warm-up is a process of gradually increasing the volume and frequency of emails sent from a new email address or a new domain to build up a positive reputation with email service providers (ESPs) and avoid being flagged as spam. The email warm-up process typically involves sending small batches of emails to a limited number of recipients over a period of several days or weeks. This allows the sender to gradually build trust with email providers, demonstrate that their emails are legitimate and valuable, and avoid being identified as a potential source of spam or phishing emails.

  • What IS The Content Spinning Feature For?

    Content spinning in emails is a technique used to create multiple variations of an email message by automatically replacing certain words, phrases, or sentences with synonyms, similar phrases, or alternative wording. The goal of content spinning is to create unique versions of an email that can be sent to different recipients, without triggering spam filters or appearing too similar to each other. Content spinning is often used in email marketing campaigns to improve the chances of the emails reaching the inbox of the recipients, rather than being marked as spam or junk mail.

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