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  • Find Emails By Domain
  • Find Emails By Company Name
  • Find Emails By Names
  • Get The Email of CEO’s & Decision Makers.


Batch Mode!🚂

Upload a list of names and company domains and our software will give you the most likely email address.

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Easily transfer your leads to any one of 100o’s of different apps using Zapier and API connection.

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  • HUGE Company Database
  • Half A Billion Contacts to Search
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Get Unlimited Email Addresses & Phone Numbers At The Click Of A Button

Frequently Asked Questions

Email Finder

  • How Do I Find Emails Using Your Service

    There are several ways that GetOffTheDamnPhone allows you to extratct email addresses.

    1) Chrome Extension - With our Chrome extension you can gather email addresses from LinkedIn, Websites and google search results using filters for job title, skills, and location. 

    2) Dashboard Tools 

    • After using the Bulk Domain Search, you can generate a list of email addresses associated with specific domains.
    • Using Company Profile Search you can do a search for campanies based on filter criteria. The search results will produce email addresses.
    • Using the Bulk Email Search tool you can do a batch search based off first name, last name and domain or url to produce email addresses. 
  • Are The Email Records Accurate?

    The database is a real-time database and is constantly being refined. However some contacts will always hide their real email addresses and some email addresses will never get checked or be abandoned.

    That being said, if you use our tool you will quickly amass thousands of accurate and verfiable email records.

    The important step is to regularly clean your list before sending an email out.

    This is true not just for GetOffTheDamnPhone records but your own email database as well.

    Therefore before you do any bulk emailing of any type, it is recomended that you use an email verification service to strip out any dud records. This will ensure your email account maintains the best possible sending reputation.

    Proper list management is a recommended practice by anybody who sends out emails to a list of any size.

  • How Does GetOffTheDamnPhone Compare With Other Prospecting Tools On The Market?

    When we say UNLIMITED we mean it. We also have a much more effective LinkedIn prospecting tool than any competitor.

    You can check for yourself here. 

    Don't forget the Call Center Power Dialer. Maybe you will never call anyone, but top producers realize just how easy it is to get more sales using a Power Dialer. No other platform offers you the prospecting tools PLUS a low cost Call Center Power Dialer. 

  • Can I Access These Features On The Casual Plan?

    Yes, You can use every prospecting tool that we have, on every plan that we have.

    • LinkedIn Scraper - Extract UNLIMTED email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn. Send automated connection messages too!
    • HUGE B2B Database - Get Access To 10s Of Millions Of Companies and Half A Billion Email Addresses And Phone Numbers. All Just A Few Clicks Away!
    • Email Finder - Find the email address of any CEO or employee just from their name and company.
    • Google My Business Scraper - Export unlimited email addresses and phone numbers from millions of business listed on Google My Business.
    • Cold Email Sender - Send engaging, personalized & even funny cold emails to get guaranteed opens. But don’t stop at one! Send a follow up sequence until you get a response all done using the GetOffTheDamnPhone Software.

    The Call Center Power Dialer is separate from the prospecting tools. You can find more details about this here. 

  • Is It Truly Possible To Extract An Unlimited Number Of Emails From LinkedIn Searches?

    Our software interacts with LinkedIn in a very smart way that allows you to extract unlimited emails.

    You can learn how we do it over on the LinkedIn Scraper Faq page. 

  • How Can I Target CEO’s & Decision Makers?

    You have a lot of options to narrow in on the particular types of prospects that you want (i.e. Decision Makers).

    • Retrieve the email addresses of employees by using a list of company domains. 
    • Obtain a filtered list of companies based on country, industry, and size, and download them. 
    • Convert the names of companies to their corresponding website domains. 
    • Benefit from unlimited credits for bulk searching.

    Watch it in action here. 

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