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Extract UNLIMTED email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn.
Send automated connection messages too!

Get unlimited professional network contact data 💯

Use our smart software to navigate through half a billion verified professional contacts and companies. Scrape company data and prospects in bulk with just a couple of clicks.
  • Accurate Data
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Export To CSV

Push Button Connection Requests In Bulk

The FASTEST way to grow your connections online. Specify the company type, job title, location and just click start. 

The software will send a personal message to connect while you sleep!

  • Fast connections
  • Mimics human behavior
  • You just craft a “realistic” and warm message!

Frequently Asked Questions

Linked In Scraper FAQ

  • Can I Connect With Other Apps Via Zapier?

    Yes you can connect with almost any other software via Zapier/API connection.

    You can also download your data as a CSV file.

  • How Do I Send Emails To The Emails That I Have Extracted?

    All you do is create and launch a campaign to send out an email blast to all of your gathered contacts. You can also set up a follow up sequence to keep emailing them until they respond. Not only is this extremely effective, it's very cost effective and unlimited on our Prospector Plan.

    Expolore all of the features here or go to our more comprehensive guide here.  

  • Are You Emails Verified?

    We have our own verification process for emails used on profiles however, you need to always keep your list clean and verified.

    It is therefore highly recomended that you regularly verify the emails before you do a bulk mailout using a specialist email verification service. 

    If you do this, you will be able to hit the recipients inboxes with ease.

  • Do I Need To Have Sales Navigator?

    No, you do not need to have Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator will give you more filters for your searches but it is not necessary to use our tool.

  • Can I Send Automated Messages On LinkedIn?

    You can send automatic connection requests and messages to people on LinkedIn with our Chrome extension. 

    NOTE: To send automatic messages, you need to have LinkedIn Premium. If you have a free LinkedIn account you can still send automated connection requests.

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    All of our data scraping tools come with a 2 week free trial (14 Days).

    If you wish to buy a subscription the price for the Casual Plan is $49 per month.

    For full pricing information go to our pricing page. 

    You get 14 days free trial upon registration. If you would like to buy our subscription to find emails or prospects, you can find our pricing page here. Plans start at only $49/months (Starter Plan). You also get access to all our features for a single plan.

    Our Call Center Power Dialer has completely separate pricing which can be viewed here. 

  • Can I Extract Emails From LinkedIn Groups?

    Yes you can but you need to ensure that you have a LinkedIn Premuim account to extract data from groups. LinkedIn Premium has a 30 day free trial which will allow you to test out this feature.

    Read more about how to scrape emails from LinkedIn Groups .

  • Will LinkedIn Ban My Account?

    You are 100% safe if you use our software.

    When we visit the profiles to carry out your requests we do not actually use your Linkedin account to do so. Instead we gather all of your prospect's profile links and send them direct to our servers. From the the exctraction process takes place, with no link to your LinkedIn account.

    That is how we are able to extract unlimited results (including emails and phone numbers) in complete safety.

  • What About Limitations Imposed By LinkedIn?

    Our software uses a smart 2 part process to keep prevent limitations. The chrome extension only uses your linkedin account to do searching. We also have an inbuilt function to mimic normal human browsing. The ectual data extraction happens on the back end servers.

  • How Many Emails Can I Scrape From LinkedIn?

    With our Prospector plan, you can scrape UNLIMITED emails from LinkedIn. There are no limites or extra charges.

  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • HUGE Company Database
  • Half A Billion Contacts to Search
  • No Credit Card Required

Get Unlimited Email Addresses & Phone Numbers At The Click Of A Button

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