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Frequently Asked Questions

Call Center Power Dialer

  • What Is The Power Dialer?

    This will allow you to call a high number of prospects quickly.

    You just click the start button and the system will call prospects one by one. You can pause at any time.

    You can consistently call 100 people per day using this feature.

  • Why Do You Charge A Set Up Fee?

    We wanted to make it SUPER EASY To Use.

    That means that it will be best if we do all the difficult setting up for you. We also teach you how to use all of the functions.

  • Can You Find Me Some Telemarketers?

    Yes, we can provide the names of people who are very good and are also trained in how to use our system.

    They are independent contractors so you will need to make an arrangement between yourself and them. We do not employ them directly.

  • How Many Users Can Be Added To The Call Center?

    You have unlimited user seats for the Call Center. There is no extra charge to add an agent.

  • Can I Record The Calls?

    Yes you can activate a setting which will record every call and place the recording in the CRM. You can go through the history of all of your contact with that prospect and listen to every call that you have previously had with them.

    This is great for monitoring sales reps for training purposes.

  • What Is The Voicemail Drop Feature?

    You pre-record a voicemail message eg ” Sorry I missed you, Give me a call back on this number”.

    The system will detect when it enters a prospects voicemail and it will play the message so that the prospect will receive your prerecorded message.

  • How Much Are Call Costs?

    We do not put any markup on call costs. You will only pay the standard Twilio Rates. 

  • Can I Email Prospects After A Call?

    Yes, you can send an email manually or automatically. For example for every missed call you can send an email saying ” I tred to call you earlier” for example.

  • Can I Send A Text To Prospects?

    Yes you can.

    You can also set it to automatically send a text to missed calls or connected calls.

  • Is This Easy To Use?

    Yes…we set everything up for you and train you on how to use it.

    You just upload your leads and push the START button!

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