Lead Generation Showdown: Facebook Ads Vs Cold Email + Cold Calling [Case Study]

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Which Is Better Facebook Ads Or Cold Email + Cold Calling?

Prepare for a twist in the world of marketing as I, a self-proclaimed old-fashioned aficionado, found myself caught in a battle between modernity and tradition. You see, I’ve always been fond of the good ol’ cold email and the thrill of a well-executed cold call. But then, just as fate would have it, the universe decided to test my skepticism.

In one corner, we have the mighty Facebook Ads, the glitzy champion of the digital age, promising targeted leads and sky-high returns. And in the other corner, the tried-and-true cold email and cold call duo, the seasoned warriors of direct outreach.

Curiosity piqued, I gathered some data from simultaneously run campaigns. It was a showdown of epic proportions. The results? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

So grab a seat, put on your marketing armor, and prepare for a riveting journey as we compare the triumphs and trials of Facebook Ads and the valiant cold call crusade. Will the new-age contender knock out the old guard, or will tradition prevail? Let the battle begin!

IN THE RED CORNER: Facebook Ads Case Study


Let's get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLE!

Samantha Rodriguez, an ambitious entrepreneur, took the reins of her latest product launch, the Digital Success Academy (DSA), and decided to run her own Facebook ads to promote it. As I really suck as Facebook Ads, I was very excited to have the privilege of being privy to the results of her campaign, and they were impressive! (Well to me, at least they were).

Samantha invested a total of $8,721 in Facebook ads. While not an exorbitant budget, it demonstrated her determination to make a meaningful impact. The question remained: What would she get in return for her investment?

Remarkably, Samantha’s ads generated a total revenue of $62,857—a remarkable 621% return on investment! It was a testament to her strategic approach and effective campaign execution.

In addition to the substantial revenue, Samantha’s ads yielded several other notable outcomes. Her campaign resulted in the acquisition of 1,238 new email subscribers, expanding her reach and potential customer base. Furthermore, she gained 256 new social media followers, further strengthening her online presence and engagement.

These additional benefits highlight the power of a well-executed ad campaign. Not only did Samantha generate significant revenue, but she also grew her email list and expanded her social media following—important assets for long-term business growth.

Samantha’s success story emphasizes the potential of running Facebook ads independently. By taking charge of her campaign and leveraging the platform’s tools, she achieved remarkable results.


Facebook Ad Spend$8,721
Revenue Generated$62,857
Return on Investment (ROI)621%
New Email Subscribers1,238
New Social Media Followers256

IN THE BLUE CORNER: Cold Email+ Cold Calling

IT'S TIME...for cold calling

OptiRank Solutions, a leading provider of search engine optimization services, embarked on a campaign to expand its client base. To achieve this, they leveraged the powerful tool called GetOffTheDamnPhone with the upgraded powerdialer feature. This case study outlines their approach to lead generation, appointment booking, and deal conversion, taking into account a daily appointment booking rate of 1 appointment per day per telemarketer.


Lead Generation

OptiRank Solutions focused on acquiring targeted leads from LinkedIn and Google My Business using the GetOffTheDamnPhone tool. By scraping relevant contacts, their goal was to gather verified email addresses and phone numbers. In a span of 10 hours, they successfully compiled a list of 20,000 leads.

Telemarketing Team and Training

A team of seven skilled telemarketers was assembled by OptiRank Solutions to maximize lead conversion. After undergoing six hours of comprehensive training, the telemarketers utilized the powerdialer feature of GetOffTheDamnPhone to make 100 calls each per day. The cost per day per caller, including labor and Twilio call expenses, amounted to approximately $100 per agent. As we had 7 agents, it was $700 per day. A once off training cost of $1000 was incurred to set up the system and train the agents.

Appointment Booking and Communication

With a daily appointment booking rate of 1 appointment per day per telemarketer, OptiRank Solutions efficiently scheduled appointments with potential clients. Once an appointment was confirmed, automatic emails were sent to provide detailed information about the company’s services, ensuring effective communication and setting expectations.

Deal Conversion and Follow-up

Sales appointments were attended by experienced representatives from OptiRank Solutions. With a conversion rate of 1 deal out of every 10 appointments, the team focused on delivering compelling presentations and addressing client needs. A portion of the appointments resulted in no-shows, totaling 10%. However, through the integration of automatic email and SMS rescheduling messages, 50% of the no-show appointments were successfully rescheduled.

Financial Outcomes

During the campaign’s duration of 29 weekdays, OptiRank Solutions booked a total of 203 appointments (7 telemarketers x 29 weekdays x 1 appointment per day per telemarketer). Considering the conversion rate of 1 deal out of every 10 appointments, this resulted in a total of 20 deals (203 appointments / 10). Each deal generated an average revenue of $5,000 per month. Consequently, the campaign’s total revenue amounted to $100,000 (20 deals x $5,000 per month).

Net Profit was $78,502
Lead Generation20,000 leads
Telemarketing Team7 telemarketers
Training Time6 hours
Training & Set Up Cost$1,000
Daily Calls per Telemarketer100 calls
Labour & Twilio Cost per Day per Caller$100
Appointments Booked per Telemarketer (Daily)1 appointment
Total Appointments Booked203 appointments
Deal Conversion Rate1 out of 10 appointments
No-Show Appointments10% of appointments
Successfully Rescheduled No-Shows50% of no-shows
Deals Generated20 deals
Deal Value (Average)$5,000 per month
GetOffTheDamnPhone Prospecting Tools Cost$99
GetOffTheDamnPhone Powerdialer Cost$99
Campaign Duration29 weekdays
Telemarketing Labour Cost$20,300
Total Revenue$100,000
Total Cost$21,498
Net Profit
Cost Analysis

The cost of utilizing GetOffTheDamnPhone, including the powerdialer feature, was $198 per month. Taking into account the daily cost per caller of $100, the campaign’s total telemarketing cost was based on 7 agents calling for 29 days at a total cost of $20,300. There was an additional training and setup cost of $1000. Total cost was $21498.

The Results Compared

CampaignTotal CostNet Profit
Cold Call + Email$21,498$78,502
Facebook Ads$8,721$54,136


Facebook Ads was more efficient i.e. costs were a smaller percentage of gross profits, HOWEVER subsequent campaigns were NOT ABLE TO REPLICATE this result.

This is incredibly frustrating and means one of two things

  1. Facebook ads are very inconsistent
  2. We really suck at Facebook Ads.

Cold Call + Cold Email Seems Very Consistent And Easy To Replicate

Every time we do a campaign this way we get pretty similar results. The only times we notice problems is right before holidays like Christmas when people want to delay appointments until after the holidays.

Facebook Ads Are More Scalable (In Theory)

As long as we can solve the inconsistency problem Facebook Ads should be able to scale up easily. That sounds good, but as yet we have not solved the consistency issue.

With the cold calling campaigns the spanner in the works comes when you scale up to past 20 cold calling telemarketing agents. It gets hard to stay on top of the staff at that size and call quality management can get difficult.

The Winner

Well, it depends on who you ask really. If I was really good at Facebook Ads (Which I am not) I would probably go with Facebook Ads.

Unfortunately, the inconsistency of Facebook Ads is a problem that I cannot solve.

For that reason, I prefer to go the Email + Cold Calling route!

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