How to send data captured by my chatbot?

In this tutorial we will explain you how to configure your chatbot to send the data collected by email or into a Slack channel or directly to your phone number.

First go in the chatbot tool and you should see a dashboard displayed like this:

If you already have created a chatbot go in the scenario editor if not click on “create a new chatbot”.

This will open the chatbot editor and you will be able to click on “script / scenario” in the menu.

Once you have located and opened the script / scenario editor, pleas locate at the bottom left of the page the 3 options to send collected data.

The 3 options should be added at the end of your scenario as it will summary the messages between the chatbot and the visitor and then it will send it to the destination selected.

Add one of the 3 options or all options depending where you would like to send the data collected.

Once you have added one of the option click on “the edit pen” to configure it.

This will open a popup to configure it. Depending where you would like to send the data you will have to add the emails, or the phone number or the Slack channel webhook.

Once saved, save your chatbot configuration and test, you should get the summary of the chat between the chatbot and the visitor directly by email, phone or into your Slack channel.

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