Leadfuze Review – Is The Unlimited Plan Worth It?

LeadFuze is a powerful lead generation platform that offers a range of features to help businesses find and connect with potential leads.

LeadFuze provides access to a vast database of leads that can be filtered based on various criteria, such as industry, job title, location, and company size. The platform aims to deliver high-quality leads that are relevant to your target audience, allowing you to focus your efforts on the most promising prospects.

With LeadFuze, you can easily discover new leads by leveraging their advanced search capabilities. The platform also offers contact enrichment, appending missing details to your existing leads, which can enhance lead data accuracy and completeness.

LeadFuze integrates with popular CRM systems, allowing for seamless data transfer and streamlining lead management. Additionally, the platform supports automation through features like email sequencing, enabling efficient and personalized outreach to engage leads at scale.

LeadFuze boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize its features effectively. The platform’s straightforward design and clear workflows contribute to a positive user experience.

While LeadFuze strives to provide accurate lead data, occasional inaccuracies or outdated information may occur, which is not uncommon in the lead generation industry. It’s essential to verify and validate the data provided by LeadFuze to ensure its reliability.

LeadFuze offers customer support to address any questions or concerns that users may have. Prompt and helpful support can significantly enhance the user experience, especially when encountering technical issues or requiring assistance with utilizing the platform’s features.


  • Lead Discovery: LeadFuze provides access to a vast database of leads that can be discovered based on specific criteria such as industry, job title, location, and company size. This allows users to identify and target their ideal prospects.


  • Lead Enrichment: LeadFuze offers lead enrichment capabilities, which involve appending missing or incomplete contact information to existing leads. This can include details like job titles, social media profiles, and other relevant data, enhancing the accuracy and depth of lead profiles.


  • CRM Integration: LeadFuze integrates with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, enabling seamless data synchronization and transfer. This ensures that leads and their associated information can be easily managed and tracked within your existing CRM workflows.


  • Email Outreach and Sequencing: The platform supports email outreach by allowing users to send personalized email campaigns to their leads. LeadFuze may provide features for email sequencing, enabling the automation of follow-up emails and nurturing campaigns.


  • Social Media Integration: LeadFuze may offer integration with social media platforms, allowing users to gather additional insights and information about their leads through social profiles. This can help in personalizing outreach efforts and building stronger connections.


  • Advanced Search Filters: LeadFuze typically provides advanced search filters to help users refine their lead searches. These filters can include specific keywords, company attributes, and contact information to narrow down the results and focus on the most relevant leads.


  • Data Export and Reporting: LeadFuze may allow users to export lead data or generate reports for analysis and tracking purposes. This enables users to measure the effectiveness of their lead generation efforts and make data-driven decisions.



For individuals or teams looking to scale their lead generation efforts.

Unlimited Lead Credits/yr*

*Annual commitment. Billed monthly.

  •  Unlimited Lists
  •  Account Based Search Filters
  •  Market Based Search Filters
  •  Fuzebot List Build Automation
  •  Ignore Lists
  •  Export to CSV
  •  De-Duplication
  •  Integrations
  •  LinkedIn URL Lookups

Starting at $397/mo



For individuals looking to start prospecting for new customers.

500 Lead Credits/mo

  •  Unlimited Lists
  •  Account Based Search Filters
  •  Market Based Search Filters
  •  Fuzebot List Build Automation
  •  Ignore Lists
  •  Export to CSV
  •  De-Duplication
  •  Integrations
  •  LinkedIn URL Lookups

Starting at $147/mo

What I Like About Lead Fuze

  • LeadFuze offers users an expansive lead database and robust tools to facilitate precise targeting and personalized outreach. The platform’s user-friendly interface further enhances the ease of use, ensuring an almost seamless experience for users (except for the List Size Limits).
  • LeadFuze’s Fuzebot simplifies lead generation by automatically retrieving new leads, saving you time and effort. Furthermore, its seamless integrations with CRM systems make the process even more effortless, streamlining your lead management workflow.
  • LeadFuze offers a valuable feature of email address verification, ensuring the validity of email addresses. By double-checking email addresses, it significantly reduces the number of invalid or non-existent emails in your cold emailing campaigns, leading to a higher deliverability rate and fewer wasted efforts on sending to non-responsive contacts.
  • LeadFuze empowers users to swiftly gather 1000 high-quality leads in under 24 hours through its efficient scraping capabilities. These leads can be seamlessly integrated into your preferred cold emailing software, allowing you to initiate targeted outreach campaigns without delay.

What I Hate About Leadfuze

While we opted for the “unlimited leads” package, managing lists limited to only 1000 contacts per list can be a super-annoying process. It is still feasible, but the limitations make it more challenging and time-consuming to find and handle leads efficiently.

I just don’t understand why you are limited to 1000 contacts per list even on the unlimited plan.

LeadFuze primarily focuses on providing value within the United States, which may limit its usefulness for users targeting leads outside of the US. Additionally, continuously updating and excluding US-based searches from your list can be a burdensome task, adding complexity to the lead generation process.

The list limit imposed by LeadFuze can be perceived as restrictive, and their pricing is relatively higher compared to other competitors in the market.


  • Data is good
  • Primarily USA focussed
  • Super expensive in my opinion
  • Scaling Plan is expensive for only 500 credits per month
Just my opinion, but for my needs the Unlimited Plan is not worth it, despite the fact that the data is very good.
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