John Chan and Sean Tyler Foley 🎙️

John Chan: Entrepreneur with a Passion for User Experience 💼

John Chan is an entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada, with a profound passion for user experience. Here’s a glimpse into our discussion:

Q: Tell us about what you’ve been up to.

John: Sure. I run a growth agency out of Vancouver, Canada. We specialize in performance marketing for e-commerce and SaaS brands. My expertise lies in media buying, a field I’ve been involved in for about six to seven years now, starting back in 2016. Before venturing into media buying, I worked as a user experience designer and a software developer.

I began my career in front-end development, moved on to running usability labs, conducting research, and eventually transitioned into conversion rate optimization. My journey led me to join the company, where I focused on base cap at 37 signals as one of the conversion designers. That’s a bit about my background.

Q: What is media buying, and why should we care about it?

John: Media buying involves running advertising on various platforms. I specialize in paid search and paid social, such as Google ads (covering Google’s inventory, including YouTube and Gmail) and Facebook and Instagram ads. We’ve even ventured into platforms like Snap and TikTok.

I’ve had the privilege of working with significant clients, contributing to substantial growth. For example, we took one brand from $2 million to $20 million in annual sales. Another DDC e-commerce brand saw a jump from $30,000 per month to $860,000. We mainly work with brands at a stage where they have initial traction but need assistance in transitioning to substantial growth.

Q: Where should people be advertising today?

John: The choice of platform depends on the nature of the product or service. Google is excellent for categories with significant search volume, where users are close to the purchase decision. On the other hand, visual categories benefit from platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where people are consistently browsing and can be engaged through entertaining content.

Q: How can people connect with you?

John: You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter (@JTCChan), or visit our website at Feel free to reach out to me at

Sean Tyler Foley: Stuntman, Safety Consultant, and Public Speaking Coach 🎭

Next, let’s shift our focus to Sean Tyler Foley, a multi-talented individual who has experienced success in various fields:

Q: Jumping out of Windows and Beyond – A Chat with Tyler Foley

Tyler: I used to be a stunt professional in Vancouver, where I made a living jumping out of windows without hurting myself. After relocating to Calgary, Alberta, I transitioned to become a safety consultant and public speaking coach, mainly working with clients in oil and gas, construction, engineering, and care facilities.

Q: Tell us about your book, “The Power to Speak Naked.”

Tyler: The book focuses on public speaking and how mastering it can elevate your professional presence. I got into safety consulting because of my ability to speak well. The book and my training courses offer insights into effective public speaking, emphasizing audience engagement and strategic presentation.

Q: What do people often get wrong with presentations?

Tyler: Many people make the mistake of trying to convey too much information at once. A successful presentation should focus on a single point, allowing the audience to contribute their thoughts and reactions.

Q: What benefits do you find from going on lots of podcasts?

Sean: Being a guest on numerous podcasts is a powerful strategy for search engine optimization. The organic backlinks generated from podcast appearances significantly boost SEO rankings. Additionally, it establishes social proof and authority, especially in an era where podcasts are considered a reputable source of information.

Q: How can people connect with you?

Sean: Interested individuals can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter (@SeanTylerFoley), or visit our website. We also have a challenge called the “100 Podcasts in 100 Days,” where we share insights on growing podcast rankings.

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