Diverse Insights from Matthieu Mehuys, Sabine Schoepke, and Sean Tepper 🌐🎙️

Matthieu Mehuys: Connecting with Nature through Regenerative Gardening 🌱

Background and Passion for Nature

Matthieu Mehuys, a landscape architect and author of the upcoming book “12 Universal Laws of Nature,” shares his journey from growing up on a family farm to becoming an advocate for regenerative gardening.

Early Roots

  • Grew up on a family farm with a deep connection to nature.
  • Developed curiosity about how small seeds grow into plants at a young age.

Educational Path

  • Studied landscape architecture in Belgium and pursued a master’s degree in Munich, Germany.
  • Worked in a top-ranked company in Germany focused on landscape architecture and green spaces for public use.

Turning Point

  • Started a 9-to-5 job but felt unfulfilled and burnt out after three years.
  • Traveled the world, exploring ecological projects and gaining insights into environmental challenges.

Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Founded his own company to teach people regenerative gardening.
  • Completed a book on “12 Universal Laws of Nature” to be released soon.

Regenerative Gardening: A Harmonious Approach

Matthieu introduces the concept of regenerative gardening, a method that draws on principles of regenerative agriculture but tailored for small-scale gardening.

What is Regenerative Gardening?

  • A gardening approach in harmony with nature, promoting positive environmental impact.
  • Reduces the need for excessive watering, minimizes weed growth, and enhances overall plant health.


  • Requires initial setup but offers long-term benefits.
  • Teaches people to work with nature, promoting healthier gardens.

Online Masterclass

  • Matthieu offers an online masterclass, “How to Create the Garden of Your Dreams,” accessible globally.
  • Utilizes AI integration to make the program adaptable to various climates and locations.

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Sabine Schoepke: From Broke to Philanthropic Entrepreneur 🌍💼

A Journey of Challenges and Triumphs

Sabine Schoepke, a philanthropic multi-entrepreneur from Germany, shares her inspiring journey from homelessness to becoming a successful businesswoman and author.

Early Adversity

  • Left Germany at 17 and found herself homeless in Canada.
  • Overcame challenges and started her first company shortly after.

Serial Entrepreneurship

  • Spent 35 years as a serial entrepreneur.
  • Focused on philanthropy, particularly supporting homeless children and students.

Transition to Retirement

  • Retired in June with a desire to share her experiences and lessons learned.
  • Published her first book, “The Love Odyssey,” focusing on communication and relationships.

Current Projects

  • Working on her second book, “From Achieving to Becoming,” exploring personal success and happiness.
  • Launched a podcast called “The Power Life.”

Embracing Emotions for True Motivation

Sabine emphasizes the importance of understanding emotions and feelings in achieving personal success.

Instructions vs. Descriptions

  • Believes traditional instructions lack the depth provided by personal descriptions.
  • Advocates for recognizing and leveraging one’s emotions and superpowers.

Coaching and Connection

  • Offers coaching services to help individuals define their own success.
  • Invites people to explore her books and podcast for valuable insights.

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Sean Tepper: Empowering Investors with Tykr 📈💹

Revolutionizing Investment Management

Sean Tepper introduces Tykr, a platform designed to empower individuals in managing their investments confidently.

Background in Tech and Finance

  • Blends a background in tech project management with a passion for finance.
  • Utilized an Excel sheet for four years before developing Tykr.

Tykr: A Comprehensive Investment Tool

  • SaaS platform with features like a stock screener, portfolio tracker, and educational resources.
  • Designed for both beginners and experienced investors.

Focus on Beginner Investors

  • Aims to guide beginners in making informed investment decisions.
  • Provides insights on when to buy, when to sell, and risk reduction strategies.

Building Tykr

  • Founded in 2020 with a team of skilled engineers.
  • Tykr’s success attributed to a solid team and Sean’s project management expertise.

Where Knowledge Meets Technology

Sean highlights Tykr as a platform that combines knowledge and technology to simplify the investment process.

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