🎙Connecting Brands With Audiences Via Podcasting – Sarah Lohse and Michael Dealoia

Sarah Lohse: Selling Like an Artist in Podcasting 🎨

Sarah Lohse, the founder of Favorite Daughter Media, brings a unique approach to podcasting, emphasizing authenticity and thought leadership in branded content.

1. Shift the Focus to Thought Leadership 🚀

Branded podcasts should center around thought leadership, emphasizing the values and ideals that make a brand unique.

2. Passion Breeds Engagement 🌟

Create podcasts on topics and stories that genuinely excite and engage you. This enthusiasm translates to the audience, making it more enjoyable for them.

3. Patience is Key ⌛

Building a successful podcast is a long-term game. Sarah cautions against expecting overnight success and highlights the need for consistent effort in audience building.

4. Lead Generation Strategies 📈

Podcasts can serve as powerful tools for lead generation. Sarah mentions her free ebook, outlining ways to use podcasts and other media for lead generation.

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Michael Dealoia: Evergreen Podcasts’ Journey and Vision 🌱

Michael Dealoia, co-founder of Evergreen Podcasts, shares the network’s evolution and its comprehensive support system for podcast hosts.

1. Podcast Monetization Strategies 💰

Evergreen Podcasts has raised the bar for partner podcasts, requiring a minimum of 5 to 10,000 monthly downloads and alignment with specific genres. Monetization has become a crucial aspect of podcast selection.

2. Comprehensive Support Ecosystem 🔄

Evergreen positions itself as a one-stop-shop for podcast hosts, taking care of hosting, distribution, sales, marketing, and account management, allowing hosts to focus solely on content creation.

3. Scaling for Success 📈

The network’s growth from four original shows to 280 underscores the necessity of scale for revenue generation and sustainability in the podcasting industry.

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