Unveiling Life Stories with Deanna Moffitt and Edwin Carrion 🎤

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing two remarkable individuals, Deanna Moffitt and Edwin Carrion, each with their unique journey of transformation and success. Let’s dive into their stories.

Deanna Moffitt: Transforming Lives Through Storytelling 🌟

Background and Improv Beginnings

Deanna Moffitt embarked on a journey that took her from the corporate world to the stages of improv comedy. Initially hesitant, she found her courage after witnessing her boyfriend move to Chicago to pursue improv. This decision marked the beginning of an 11-year journey in the world of improv comedy.

The Power of Storytelling

Deanna’s improv experience not only brought joy but also valuable life skills. She started a storytelling show, taught storytelling at the renowned Second City in Chicago, and delved into the art of listening to people’s stories. This fascination led her to categorize the stories we tell ourselves into three types:

  1. Historical Reenactments: Core wound stories often driving our behavior.
  2. TV Unscripted Reality Stories: In-the-moment stories generating emotional reactions.
  3. Dystopian Futures: Stories shaping our vision of the future.

Rewriting Stories for Transformation

Deanna’s own journey involved rewriting deep-seated stories, such as the belief that she was a burden. Her profound realization led her to become a coach, speaker, and author of the book “The Rewrite,” where she guides others through the process of transforming their narratives.

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Edwin Carrion: Nine Secrets for Success 🚀

From Humble Beginnings to Entrepreneurial Success

Edwin Carrion’s journey began as a 12-year-old arriving in the United States from a humble background. Driven by the desire for success, he initially equated it solely with financial wealth. However, a significant realization came when he lost everything — money alone didn’t guarantee happiness.

Balancing Life for Fulfillment

Edwin’s diverse entrepreneurial ventures, from transportation to real estate development, provided him with valuable insights. His book, “Nine Secrets for a Successful Life in Business,” emphasizes the importance of a well-balanced life beyond financial achievements.

Mistakes, Expectations, and Living by Design

Reflecting on his experiences, Edwin highlights common mistakes people make in business, such as lacking a clear business plan. He draws parallels between business and personal life, emphasizing the importance of setting clear expectations for success.

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