Stand Up Comedy SAAS & Design Centric Presentations – Leanne Linsky and Adrienne Johnston

Leanne’s Comedy Journey

Getting Started: Leanne began her comedy journey after coworkers suggested she take comedy classes. Following a divorce, she found inspiration for her material and started classes in 2001 while living in Vegas.

From Vegas to New York to LA: Five years later, she moved to New York City to pursue comedy full-time after being laid off. Nine years down the road, she made the leap to LA. Leanne humorously noted that she initially moved for a man, but that turned out to be a joke in itself.

Performing in LA: Leanne performed at iconic venues like the Comedy Store, sharing her experiences of the nerve-wracking but rewarding atmosphere. She also started producing shows closer to home to avoid the infamous LA traffic.

The Move to Plausible: After her journey through New York and California, Leanne now resides in Seattle and runs her comedy shows on Plausible, the tech company she founded, enables comedians to perform live online, bridging the gap between in-person and virtual comedy.

Plausible: Bringing Comedy Online

Introducing Plausible: Leanne provided insights into, a platform designed for comedians and comedy fans. Comedians can access scheduling tools, a virtual stage, and ticketing services, creating an immersive experience for their online audience.

The Genesis of Plausible: Leanne explained that Plausible was born out of her own challenges, especially the time spent commuting. Plausible democratizes comedy by providing more opportunities for comedians to earn money compared to traditional comedy clubs.

Live Interaction and Feedback: The platform allows comedians to perform live online, offering a more intimate and interactive experience. Leanne emphasized the value of immediate feedback from the audience, enhancing the overall performance.

Expanding Possibilities: Leanne highlighted that Plausible isn’t limited to stand-up comedy. Comedians can use the platform to record live podcasts, engaging with their audience in real-time.

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Adrienne’s Design Triumph

From Overworked to Multi Six-Figure Designer: Adrienne Johnston shared her remarkable journey from being overworked and underpaid to becoming a successful multi six-figure designer in less than a year.

Specializing in Presentation Design: Adrienne identified a niche in presentation design as a “rich niche” with high demand. Recognizing the universal need for effective presentations, she capitalized on the opportunity to help professionals create impactful and visually appealing slides.

The Power of Effective Design: Adrienne highlighted the benefits of investing in good design for presentations. Beyond improving retention, well-designed presentations enhance the presenter’s confidence, resulting in more compelling and successful communication.

Meeting Demand: Adrienne’s decision to focus on presentation design was driven by demand. It proved to be the most profitable, efficient, and successful aspect of her work, winning bids consistently.

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