Unlocking Prosperity with Chris Lautenslager 📈Taking Powerful Sketch Notes With Ashton Rodenhiser

Prosperity Loop

Chris, tell us about the prosperity loop and what it is and what you’re doing. 🎙️ Happy to. The prosperity loop is more than just a book; it’s a mindset shift for small business owners. Chris emphasizes the importance of valuing customers, employees, vendors, and the community to create wealth. It’s not just about making money but about having a positive impact on the community.

The Heart of Prosperity: Small Businesses and Community Connection 💖

Benefits of Community Involvement But what are the benefits for small businesses getting more involved in the communities they’re in? 🎙️ It’s actually us becoming more involved and committed to small businesses. Chris highlights the crucial role of community support for small businesses, urging us to be mindful of where we spend our money. Supporting local businesses contributes to the fabric of our communities and fosters a positive cycle of prosperity.

The Resurgence of Small Businesses 🌐

The Post-Pandemic Landscape How do you see this? Is it inevitable decline, or will small businesses make a comeback? 🎙️ I actually think that people are yearning for connection. Chris believes that the pandemic has amplified the need for human connection, creating an opportunity for small businesses to thrive. He encourages a shift away from online giants and a return to supporting local businesses for a more fulfilling shopping experience.

Empowering Small Businesses with Get Looped 🚀

Chris’s Mission with Get Looped So, what do you do with Get Looped, Chris? Who do you help, and what are you looking to achieve with your clients? 🎙️ I’m a professional speaker and help small businesses identify their values for prosperity. Chris invites businesses to connect with Get Looped to benefit from his expertise in advocating for the importance of small businesses.

Unleashing Creativity with Ashton Rodenhiser 🎨

Introduction to Ashton’s Work And over to Ashton. Ashton is a creative entrepreneur and great jeopardy player. 🎙️ Oh, you. Oh, you. Ashton Rodenhiser, a live illustrator, shares her passion for connecting people through visual storytelling.

The Power of Sketchnoting ✍️

Defining Sketchnoting Tell us what is sketch noting, Ashton. It’s interesting. 🎙️ Sketchnoting is about combining words and drawings to enhance thinking. Ashton explains how doodling is not just an art form but a powerful thinking tool that improves memory retention and engagement.

The Impact of Visual Learning 🧠

Benefits of Sketchnoting What are the benefits to sketchnoting? 🎙️ Most people think in pictures. Ashton emphasizes the power of visuals in learning, stating that doodling can improve memory retention by up to 29%. Sketchnoting is a valuable tool for understanding and connecting with information.

From Passion to Profession 🚀

How Ashton Found Her Niche How did you get into this niche because it is such a niche? 🎙️ I learned about graphic facilitation as a facilitator and dedicated the last 10 years to it. Ashton’s journey into live illustration began with discovering the concept of graphic facilitation, leading her to build a successful career around it.

Connecting through Sketch Note School 🏫

Ashton’s Platform for Learning If you want to check out what Ashton’s doing, the best place is sketchnote.school, is that correct? 🎙️ Yes, that’s correct. It’s a hub for learning how to sketch note. Ashton invites everyone to explore sketchnote.school for a wealth of resources, including her book and a supportive community.

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