Peter Swain, June Edward, Terence Chatmon

Terence Chatmon: Terrence’s Transformation: From Executive to Family Advocate 👪

Terrence shares his journey, starting as a Coca-Cola executive managing quick-service restaurants. Now, he leverages his expertise to transform families, focusing on life-sharing, the gospel message, and a different kind of thirst.

Victorious Family

Peter’s AI Mastermind and Tech Disruption Journey 🚀

Peter, an AI mastermind leader, reflects on his disruptive journey, from leading Coca-Cola’s fountain side to developing Yelp’s UK version. He emphasizes the potential of AI to produce undetectable content and discusses his recent book launch supporting the charity Lemonade Day.

Exploring AI and Family Transformation 🔄

The conversation delves into AI’s role in content creation, its detection, and Peter’s recent appearance on NBC. Terrence and Peter share how they’re contributing to positive change in families and businesses.

Connecting with the Guests 🤝

  • Peter Swain: Connect with Peter and explore the AI mastermind at ROAI Mastermind

  • Terrence: Reach out to Terrence’s organization, Victorious Family, at Victorious Family.

June Edward’s Insights on Relationships and Midlife Crisis 💔

June, a relationship expert, offers insights into relationships, decision-making from the soul, and navigating midlife crises. She emphasizes the importance of inner alignment for confident decisions.

Connecting with June Edward 🌐

Explore June’s resources, sign up for webinars, and access her books at

Wrapping Up and Congratulations to the Winner 🎉

Congratulations to Peter Swain, the winner of the game. For more details and connections, refer to the updated show notes. Thank you for listening and watching. See you next time! 👋

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