Maura Rodgers & Nishant Sondhi

Maura Rodgers: Empowering Health Through Mindful Eating 🌱

Maura’s Background and Specialization 🥦

Maura, based in California, is a registered dietitian and integrative health coach. With her own practice, she specializes in helping people break free from the confines of traditional dieting. Her approach revolves around creating healthier, more gratifying eating habits and improved body satisfaction through a proven framework.

Maura’s Three-Month Wellness Program 🌟

Recently, Maura introduced a three-month wellness program, highly personalized to help individuals master their eating habits. This program is designed to foster a balanced mindset and a positive relationship with food, setting individuals up for long-term success. It’s a beacon of hope for those looking to end their struggles with dieting and embrace sustainable changes.

Complimentary 20-Minute Intro Call with Maura 📞

Maura offers a complimentary 20-minute intro call where individuals can discuss their challenges and collaboratively create a game plan. This condensed yet impactful session aims to provide actionable steps to make eating less stressful and establish sustainable habits.

Maura’s Positive Impact and Recommendation 🌟

As the conversation unfolds, Maura’s passion for helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle shines through. With the holiday season approaching, she encourages individuals to consider taking steps towards a healthier, more mindful approach to eating. Despite the busy festive season, Maura remains available for calls, providing a valuable opportunity for those seeking positive change.



Nishant Sondhi: Navigating Real Estate Investment Opportunities 🏡

Nishant’s Journey and Real Estate Fund Management 🏠

Switching gears, the conversation shifts to Nishant Sondhi, a real estate fund manager with a unique perspective. Born in the U.S. and later moving to India, Nishant eventually returned to the U.S. to pursue opportunities in real estate. His journey led him to become a real estate fund manager, focusing on providing access to quality investment opportunities in the ever-evolving real estate market.

The Concept of Passive Real Estate Investing 🔄

Nishant sheds light on the concept of passive real estate investing, emphasizing that it caters to busy professionals seeking to invest without the hands-on involvement typically associated with property ownership. Through his private equity fund, Nishant collaborates with top-tier real estate institutional firms, offering investors opportunities in large-scale real estate projects.

The Sun Belt and Built-for-Rent Communities 🏘️

Nishant identifies target regions, including the Sun Belt, and emphasizes the growing potential in built-for-rent communities. This innovative approach involves creating gated rental communities with townhome-style residences. Nishant sees this strategy as a response to the current home affordability issues in the U.S., providing an exciting opportunity for investors in 2024 and beyond.

Minimum Investment and Investor Involvement 💰

Addressing common concerns, Nishant explains that investments typically require a minimum amount, ranging from $50,000 to $100,000. Investors have the flexibility to choose projects, offering a level of involvement and control. Nishant assures potential investors that this approach allows them to actively participate in understanding project details, projected returns, and the track record of sponsors.

Nishant’s Positive View on Grant Cardone’s Real Estate Fund ✅

The conversation briefly touches on Grant Cardone’s real estate fund, with Nishant expressing a positive view. He acknowledges Grant’s ability to simplify complex topics and commends his efforts in providing opportunities for everyday investors. Nishant encourages potential investors to explore various options and engage with trusted resources in the industry.

Connecting with Nishant on LinkedIn 📲

For those intrigued by the opportunities in the U.S. real estate market, Nishant extends an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. His active presence on the platform offers a gateway for individuals to explore the U.S. real estate landscape, understand investment opportunities, and initiate a conversation with him.


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