Miroslav Petrovic, Lara Buelow

Miroslav Petrovic: Journey from Stuttering to Empowering Others 🗣️


Miroslav Petrovic, a communication expert, shares his inspiring journey from war-torn Bosnia to becoming a sought-after speaker.

Overcoming Adversity:

  • Arrival During Balkans War: Miroslav arrived in Australia during the Balkans War, hailing from a Serbian background.
  • Language Barrier: Facing challenges with the English language, he overcame stuttering and introversion through self-learning.

Transformation through Meditation:

  • Personal Discovery: Meditation became a catalyst for self-discovery, revealing social anxiety.
  • Connecting with Others: Teaching himself to speak not only helped him find himself but also became a tool to help others overcome their fears.

Creating Connection:

  • Institute Establishment: Miroslav’s journey led him to establish an institute where he has trained around 150 people in multi-day sessions.
  • The Power of Connection: He emphasizes that fear in public speaking is essentially fear of connection and that mastering it leads to enhanced connections in all aspects of life.

Give Them Goosebumps Book:

  • Two-Part Narrative: Miroslav’s book, “Give Them Goosebumps,” is a blend of his personal story and an academic thesis turned into everyday language.
  • Teaching the Art of Engagement: The book explores how to create engaging public speaking experiences, answering the question of how Miroslav achieved his captivating speaking style.

Miroslav’s Speaking Training:

  • Online and In-Person: Miroslav offers both online and in-person speaking training.
  • Authenticity Over Perfection: His approach is non-linear, focusing on authenticity over memorization, guiding individuals to be themselves on stage.

Connect with Miroslav Petrovic:

Lara Buelow: Navigating Life Through Letters and Career Clarity 📚

Unconventional Book Structure:

  • Book Overview: Lara Buelow, a life and career transition coach, discusses her upcoming book, “Mostly Unanswerable Questions.”
  • Letters as Essays: The book structures life advice in letter format, exploring perspectives from head, heart, gut, and a professional coaching viewpoint.

Career Clarity Sessions:

  • Guiding Mid-Career Professionals: Lara primarily assists mid-career professionals seeking clarity in their career paths.
  • Designing Your Life Content: Certified through Stanford University, Lara offers content on designing one’s life and occasionally conducts group programs.

Connection and Authenticity:

  • Challenges and Weird Section: Lara’s book includes a “weird” section, embracing the quirky and unconventional questions that didn’t fit elsewhere.
  • Authenticity in Coaching: Lara encourages clients to embrace their authenticity and uniqueness, a key aspect of her coaching philosophy.

Connect with Lara Buelow:

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