Building a Lead Generation System for Attorneys with ChatGPT

Let me share my experience with building a sales funnel using ChatGPT for lead generation targeting attorneys and lawyers. I think you will love this and I’m excited to take you through this process.

All The ChatGPT Prompts will be highlighted in each section

Quick & Easy

As I began the project, my main goal was to create a quick and efficient sales funnel because, well, who doesn’t love things that are quick and easy, right? So, armed with ChatGPT, I wanted to see if I could build an entire sales funnel that would work effectively.

Let’s start with the first prompt I entered into ChatGPT

ChatGPT Prompt #1

Generating Value Propositions With ChatGPT

I started by exploring various value propositions. I asked ChatGPT to generate 20 value propositions for lead generation targeting attorneys.

Among the suggestions, I found one that stood out and perfectly addressed the attorneys’ needs:

“Get access to exclusive leads that match your specialization, ensuring higher conversion rates and improved ROI.”

This proposition was appealing as it highlighted the service’s uniqueness, promising tailored leads.

ChatGPT Prompt #2

Writing Sales Copy For The Landing Page With ChatGPT

With a strong value proposition in hand, I used ChatGPT to write the sales copy for the landing page.

I wanted the landing page to be persuasive and engaging, encouraging attorneys to book a Zoom call to discuss their lead generation needs further.


I envisioned a headline that would immediately grab their attention and drive curiosity. “Unlock your true potential: A laser-targeted lead generation solution exclusively for attorneys” felt perfect.

It conveyed the exclusivity and precision of our hypothetical lead generation service.

ChatGPT also included a compelling call to action that urged attorneys to take action: “Reserve your complimentary Zoom call now.” This is important to compel prospects to book a call without hesitation.

In The Style Of Great Copywriters

I was utterly gobsmacked that ChatGPT was able to understand the style of great copywriters like Dan Kennedy. 

This took a 5 hour task and transformed it into a 1 minute task.

ChatGPT was able to understand the formula’s used by top-notch copywriters like Dan Kenned. It quickly crafted a sales letter that highlighted the attorneys’ main problem: sifting through unqualified leads, wasting time and resources on ineffective marketing tactics.

ChatGPT positioned our hypothetical service as the perfect solution to their struggles, putting them back in control of their lead generation.

ChatGPT Understood The Benefits

The copy continued by presenting the benefits of our approach, emphasizing the delivery of pre-qualified, high-quality leads tailored to their specific needs. The streamlined lead delivery system ensured a seamless integration with their existing workflow, allowing them to focus on their legal practice.

ChatGPT Added A STRONG Guarantee

To instill confidence, ChatGPT added a guarantee – a commitment that if we didn’t provide actionable insights to enhance their lead generation during the call, we’d offer a $50 gift card as an apology. I knew this would assure attorneys that we stood behind our service.

Social Proof!

Adding social proof was crucial to showcase credibility. Although this was a hypothetical scenario, I envisioned testimonials from satisfied clients praising our lead generation system.


In closing, ChatGPT knew to include a sense of urgency:

“Limited spots available – book your Zoom call today!”

This would drive attorneys to take immediate action, fearing they might miss out on our exclusive opportunity.

Adding a Disclaimer

Lastly, I placed a disclaimer at the bottom, subtly addressing any skepticism and reinforcing the legitimacy of the offer.


First Landing Page Complete

This one is for Variable 1 – Sales Copy Without Video

Check It Out Here

Create A Video Sales Letter With ChatGPT

If you remember, we have a second variable – Sales Copy PLUS Video.

Fortunately, we can easily create a script for a sales video using ChatGPT.

The best part is that ChatGPT understands the business now. We just need to tell ChatGPT the rules for creating an effective sales video script. Here is the ChatGPT script that I used.

ChatGPT Prompt #3

Here Is The Script That ChatGPT Produced

[Part 1 — Open With a Shocking Statement]

[Visual: Dramatic footage of an overwhelmed attorney buried in piles of paperwork]

Narrator (Voiceover): ATTENTION, ambitious attorneys! Are you tired of drowning in a sea of unqualified leads, struggling to keep your practice afloat?

[Part 2 — State the Problem and WHY It’s a Big Deal]

[Visual: Frustrated attorneys making cold calls with no success]

Narrator (Voiceover): The problem is crystal clear – traditional lead generation tactics are sinking your chances of success. Wasting countless hours on fruitless cold calls and generic marketing approaches is costing you precious time, money, and potential clients.

[Part 3 — Agitate the Problem]

[Visual: Comparing an attorney’s stress levels before and after using our service]

Narrator (Voiceover): Imagine, day in and day out, feeling the weight of uncertainty, uncertainty in securing a consistent stream of quality leads. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, leaving you emotionally and financially drained.

[Part 4 — Make It Even Worse For Them (PUSH IT Over The Line)]

[Visual: Overworked attorney looking defeated]

Narrator (Voiceover): To make matters worse, your competitors are capitalizing on smarter lead generation methods, leaving you far behind in the race to success. With each passing day, you’re losing valuable clients to those who understand the power of laser-targeted lead generation.

[Part 5 — Introduce The Solution]

[Visual: Reveal the company logo and lead generation platform]

Narrator (Voiceover): But fear not! There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Introducing [Your Company Name], the unrivaled lead generation solution tailored exclusively for attorneys like you.

[Part 6 — Credibility: Why They Should Listen To You]

[Visual: Testimonials from satisfied attorneys]

Narrator (Voiceover): We’ve mastered the art of lead generation, with years of experience helping countless attorneys skyrocket their practices to new heights. Our team of experts knows precisely what it takes to attract, engage, and convert your dream clientele.

[Part 7 — Proof]

[Visual: Display real-time lead conversion metrics and impressive success rates]

Narrator (Voiceover): Still skeptical? Take a look at these jaw-dropping statistics, where attorneys just like you experienced an astounding 300% increase in lead conversion rates within the first month of partnering with us!

[Part 8 — Exactly What You Get]

[Visual: Showcase the lead generation process and its simplicity]

Narrator (Voiceover): Here’s what you get when you join our elite group of attorney partners: a bespoke lead generation system designed around your area of expertise, delivering a consistent flow of qualified prospects directly to your inbox.

[Part 9 — Specific Reasons To Act Now]

[Visual: Flashing limited-time offer and countdown timer]

Narrator (Voiceover): But you must act now! As we speak, your competitors are seizing this opportunity, leaving fewer spots available. And for a limited time, we’re offering an exclusive bonus to the first 20 attorneys who sign up!

[Part 10 — The Close]

[Visual: Picture attorneys celebrating their successful practices]

Narrator (Voiceover): Don’t let outdated lead generation tactics pull you under. It’s time to take control of your destiny and reclaim the success you deserve. Schedule a complimentary Zoom call with our lead generation experts, and let us ignite the flame of growth within your legal practice.


[Visual: Zoom call booking form]

Narrator (Voiceover): Reserve your spot now by clicking the link below and embark on the journey towards a thriving legal practice.

[CTA Button: “Book Your Complimentary Call”]

[Visual: Your Company Logo]

Narrator (Voiceover): [Your Company Name], where success and exceptional lead generation collide. Seize the moment – your future clients are waiting!

[Background Music: Uplifting and Inspiring]

[Closing Visual: Contact Information]

Narrator (Voiceover): For inquiries or further details, reach us at [Your Contact Information]. Act now and elevate your legal practice to unparalleled heights.

[Background Music fades out]

Lets Paste Into Presentation Slides & Record The Video

Ok, I and to do this part myself. The good news is that it took me about 30 minutes.

Here are the steps

  1. Use slide software like Powerpoint, OpenOffice (free) or Google Slides (free)
  2. Paste the text on each slide
  3. Find images on google and put them on the slides indicated by ChatGPT
  4. Present your slides and record your screen and voice using OBS (free)
  5. Duplicate your previous sales page and replace the image with the Sales Letter Video

Voila…Here Is The Video Sales Letter Written By ChatGPT

Here is The Completed Sales Page #2

Check it out here

Let’s Quickly Build An Email List

Step 1: Extracting Emails from LinkedIn:

To start, I head over to LinkedIn and perform a targeted search for attorneys in the United States. I apply some filters to get more specific results. With a list of attorneys at hand, I use GetOffTheDamnPhone’s email extractor feature to swiftly scrape their email addresses and store them in a designated list.

Step 2: Finding B2C Local Businesses on Google My Business:

Another useful method is to leverage Google My Business to find local businesses, including attorneys, in a particular area like Colorado. I gather the relevant data and add it to a new list for further use in our campaign.

Step 3: Database Search for Law Firms:

For broader coverage, I use the GetOffTheDamnPhone software to find B2B companies, specifically law firms, across the United States. This search provides me with essential information, including domain names and company names, which will be valuable for the next step.

Step 4: Extracting Emails from Domains:

To get email addresses from the collected domain names, I turn to the Data Ink Extractor feature. This step allows me to extract generic email addresses listed on the websites associated with the domains.

Step 5: Finding Contacts Using Company Domains:

Realizing the importance of personalized contact email addresses, I decide to take it a step further. With the company domains in hand, I use GetOffTheDamnPhone to obtain actual people’s email addresses associated with those businesses. This gives our email list a more authentic and human touch.

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