Wealth Advisor Hannah Chapman and Self-Made U Founder Tracy Pleschourt 🌟

Hannah Chapman: Navigating Prosperity with a Human Touch 🌈

Wealth Advisor and Prosperity Coach Extraordinaire

Background and Approach

H2: A Visionary in Wealth Planning and Coaching πŸ” Hannah Chapman, the powerhouse behind Ex Squared Wealth Planning and Expansive CEO, shared her mission: guiding visionary entrepreneurs to save wisely, spend joyfully, and support causes close to their hearts generously. 🌟

The Unique Approach

H2: Beyond Numbers: The Emotional Side of Financial Planning πŸ’Ό Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Hannah distinguishes herself by addressing the emotional side of money. She emphasizes the importance of understanding not just the financial data but also the emotions tied to it.

Human Design in Action

H2: Unveiling the Blueprint of You 🌌 Human design, based on birth details, becomes a guiding blueprint in Hannah’s approach. Integrating the logical, practical, spiritual, and emotional aspects, she tailors financial planning to each client’s unique identity.

Clientele and Common Challenges

H2: Guiding Business Owners Through Financial Challenges πŸ’Ό Primarily working with service-based business owners, Hannah often helps clients grapple with issues like consistent self-payment and strategically organizing their financial resources.

Addressing Financial Missteps

H2: Breaking Free from Common Pitfalls πŸ’Έ Most clients, irrespective of revenue, struggle with consistent self-payment. Hiding cash in multiple places is another hurdle. Hannah’s guidance involves creating clarity, setting up effective systems, and taking control of financial well-being.

Connect with Hannah

H2: Initiating Change with a 30-Minute Call πŸ“ž Interested in a transformative conversation? Book a 25-minute intro call with Hannah on X2WealthPlanning.com, and explore the possibilities of financial prosperity.

Follow Hannah’s Journey

H2: Stay Connected on Social Media πŸ“± For regular updates, connect with Hannah on Facebook and Instagram. Dive deeper into financial wisdom through her podcast, Expansive CEO Podcast.

Tracy Pleschourt: Crafting a Mindset for Success πŸš€

Founder of Self-Made U and Advocate for Transformative Thinking

Unveiling Self-Made U

H2: Rethinking Education at Self-Made U πŸ’‘ Tracy Pleschourt introduces Self-Made U, a school fostering transformative thinking. In a departure from traditional education, the focus is on how to think, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

The SELF Framework

H2: A Framework for Unleashing Potential πŸ”  Tracy’s SELF framework (Select, Eliminate, Leverage, Finish) becomes a beacon for navigating health and wellness challenges. Starting with defining desires and eliminating self-sabotage, it guides individuals towards better decision-making.

Pain vs. Suffering

H2: Liberating Minds from Unnecessary Suffering πŸ’” Tracy explores the difference between pain and suffering, emphasizing the unnecessary nature of the latter. By viewing pain as a lesson and learning opportunity, individuals can break free from the cycle of suffering.

Unexpected Value of Decisions

H2: Empowering Through Decision-Making 🚦 Tracy highlights the unexpected value of decisionsβ€”cultivating a sense of self-control. This empowerment, stemming from neuroscience principles, extends to various life aspects, from health goals to career aspirations.

Connect with Tracy

H2: Begin Your Transformation Journey 🌐 Ready to transform your thinking? Visit Self-MadeU.com to take the saboteur assessment and explore a wealth of resources. Connect with Tracy on various social media channels for ongoing insights.

Podcasts for Insightful Conversations

H2: Tune into Tracy’s Podcasts πŸŽ™οΈ Tracy and her daughter co-host the podcast Tracy and Gracey Becoming, offering diverse perspectives on life, love, and legacy. Discover transformative discussions and valuable insights.

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