Podcast Success with Elliot Hasoon

Discovering the Power of Podcasting 💪

Elliot’s passion for the podcasting medium led him to launch his own show three and a half years ago. Amidst fears of obscurity and complexity, he persevered, recognizing the immense value in providing a platform for voices that deserve to be heard. Elliot emphasizes the need to help others overcome the fear of starting or giving up too early in their podcasting journey. 🌐

Commitment Over Instant Success 🎤

When questioned about his longevity and commitment to podcasting, Elliot revealed his steadfast dedication, steering clear of unrealistic expectations. Instead, he focused on filling a gap in his industry and creating meaningful content. A turning point came when he committed to daily podcasts for over 190 days, breaking through plateaus and setting the stage for sustained success. 🚀

Quality vs. Quantity: The Daily Podcasting Experiment 📅

Elliot challenges the notion of quality versus quantity, advocating for a balance. While emphasizing the importance of a solid episode format and high-quality content, he shares the benefits of increased quantity. Daily podcasts not only provided more opportunities to connect with the audience but also alleviated the pressure to produce perfect episodes every time. 🎙️

Navigating the Podcasting Landscape: From Daily to Weekly 🔄

After the daily podcasting spree, Elliot settled into a weekly schedule, producing two to three episodes per week. He acknowledges the clarity and direction that higher quantity brings, allowing creators to refine their vision and execute consistently. The shift to a more frequent schedule also helped in building momentum and reaching a broader audience. 🌐

Podcasting Beyond the Microphone 🌐

Elliot, aka the Podcast Growth Coach, extends a helping hand to those aspiring to enter the podcasting realm. His coaching approach revolves around simplicity and accessibility, making it easy for individuals to amplify their voices. For those seeking guidance, Elliot suggests exploring his Instagram and YouTube channels for valuable tips and tricks. Reach out, and he’s ready to guide you through the podcasting journey. 🚀

Podcast Growth Coach’s Signature Offering: The Perfect Trifecta 🔄

Elliot’s coaching program encompasses the perfect trifecta: course materials, personalized coaching sessions, and a supportive community. Whether you’re launching or looking to grow your podcast, he tailors his guidance to your needs. The emphasis is on simplicity and making podcasting a manageable and enjoyable endeavor. 🚀

Connecting with the Podcast Growth Coach 📬

Ready to embark on your podcasting adventure or seeking expert guidance? Connect with Elliot through his Instagram or YouTube channels:

📷 Instagram 🕒 TikTok 📺 YouTube

For more in-depth discussions and personalized assistance, reach out to Elliot directly through his DMs or email. While a website is in the works, you can dive into Elliot’s podcasting universe and discover the tips and tricks to elevate your podcasting game. 🌟

Who Does Elliot Work With? 🤝

While fitness coaches are part of Elliot’s clientele, his primary focus is on entrepreneurs and online business owners. Whether you’re in the fitness industry or have a service or product to offer, Elliot’s coaching caters to those eager to share their insights with the world. 💡

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