Making Money Through Public Speaking With Steve Lowell

Steve’s Mission: 💬💡

Steve Lowell is not just a speaker; he is a high-end speaking mentor dedicated to helping experts, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a story or a product make a lasting impact through speaking engagements. His primary focus is on guiding individuals to fill programs, share their ideas, and ultimately, make a difference.

Ideal Prospects Steve Assists: 🚀

Steve caters to a diverse range of individuals, including:

  • Coaches: Life, business, and health coaches with programs to fill.
  • Experts and Thought Leaders: Individuals with innovative ideas and a desire to share them.
  • Adventurers: Those who have accomplished extraordinary feats and want to share their stories.
  • Survivors: Individuals who have overcome significant obstacles and wish to inspire others.
  • Entrepreneurs: Professionals transitioning to a new phase in their careers, seeking to share their expertise.

The Broad Strategy for Entrepreneurs: 🎯

For entrepreneurs transitioning to the next phase, Steve emphasizes the importance of having a valuable product or service to sell. Crafting a compelling message strategically designed to guide the audience towards a specific outcome is crucial. Steve dispels the misconception that solving problems directly on stage leads to success, highlighting the need for a nuanced approach to reveal the true cause of the problem.

Monetizing Speaking: 💰

When it comes to monetizing speaking, Steve points out common mistakes. Many speakers fail to understand that speaking is about transferring emotion, not just information. Steve advises against over-teaching and over-solving problems, emphasizing the need to create excitement and convey opportunity to the audience.

Connect with Steve Lowell: 🌐

Getting into Steve’s World: 🌍

Steve offers various ways to work with him, depending on budget and objectives. His programs include crafting a “100K signature talk” and leveraging evergreen webinars to bring in prospects. Whether through self-directed learning or one-on-one mentorship, Steve tailors his approach to the individual’s desired outcome.

Steve’s Most Recent Book: 📚

Steve’s latest book, “Deep Thought Strategy,” outlines a specific process for creating talks that captivate and guide audiences. Additionally, Steve generously offers his book, “From Stage Fright to Spotlight,” for free. To grab a copy, visit Steve Lowell’s Free Book.

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