LinkedIn Prospecting Is F#*king Amazing

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for connecting with professionals, building networks, and finding new opportunities. However, manually collecting contact information from LinkedIn profiles can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Fortunately, there are tools available that can automate this process and extract email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles.

Did You Say Phone Numbers?

I could go on Linkedin on a Sunday and have 500 phone numbers to call for the new week. 


Imagine if you cold called 100 prospects every day Monday to Friday.

MeI literally just said it

Cold Calling Linkedin Prospects is Super Effective

In the spirit of that tone here is an AI generated picture of Alec Baldwin in ABC mode (Always Be Closing!)


Here is Why Linkedin Prospecting Is The Ducks Nuts


1) Decision Makers, Decision Makers Every Where.

If you have spent your time in the sales trenches like I have, you will know that is absolutely nothing worse than getting sucked into a “Fake Sales Call” with someone who has no clout whatsover in any business related decision making.
You ABSOFUCKINGLUTLY need to focus on conversations with decision makers.


Linkedin is where all of the decision makers can be found.

Whether you need CEO’s, founders or Chief Marketing Officers, there are millions of them with email addresses and phone numbers.

This leads me to my next point. You can acuurately target them thanks to LinkedIn’s bloody marvelous filters.

Filter Power

Many of you prospecting pro’s out there already know this so forgive me for going over it again.

LinkedIn Filters Are Amazing

I really want to make this point stick so here is an AI generated image of “Chris Farley going Super Saiyan”.

Linkedin Filters Are Amazing

Just imagine the leads you can get using these filters

  1. Keywords – search for specific keywords in a user’s profile
  2. Name – search for people by name
  3. Title – search for people with a specific job title
  4. Company – search for people who work at a specific company
  5. Location – search for people who live or work in a specific location
  6. Industry – search for people who work in a specific industry
  7. School – search for people who attended a specific school or university
  8. Language – search for people who speak a specific language
  9. Connections – search for people who are already connected to you or to someone else in your network
  10. Groups – search for people who are members of specific LinkedIn groups
  11. Experience – search for people based on their level of experience (entry-level, mid-career, senior, etc.)
  12. Company size – search for people who work at companies of a certain size (e.g. small business, mid-sized, large corporation)
  13. Recommendations – search for people who have received recommendations from others on LinkedIn
  14. Interests – search for people who have listed specific interests or hobbies on their LinkedIn profile
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