Jennifer Blake, Nedko M. Nedkov, and Scherrie L. Prince 🚀

Jennifer Blake: The Sales Maestro 🌟


Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Jennifer’s Sales Journey: From childhood bracelet sales outside supermarkets to becoming a consultative salesperson, Jennifer’s journey is an inspiring tale. Now, she empowers women entrepreneurs to master the art of sales.

Challenges Women Face in Sales: Jennifer pinpoints the hesitancy among women in asking for the sale. She emphasizes the importance of direct communication and avoiding lengthy proposals, focusing on building meaningful relationships instead.

Lesson from a Notable Sale: Reflecting on a pivotal moment in her early career, Jennifer shares a story of resisting short-term gains for long-term relationships. The lesson: prioritize relationships over transactions for sustainable success in sales.

Handling Rejection and Follow-up: Jennifer advises persistence in follow-up, especially for high-ticket sales. She reframes rejection as a stepping stone, saying “no” is just the next opportunity. Her mantra: three “nos” to a “yes.”

Connect with Jennifer: While Jennifer’s website is under construction, you can connect with her on Instagram.

Nedko M. Nedkov: The Podcast Marketing Pro 🎙️

LinkedIn: Nedko M. Nedkov

Podcast Advertising Marketplace:

Nedko’s Marketing Odyssey: With over 15 years of experience, Nedko’s journey includes SEO outsourcing, pay-per-click advertising, and venturing into tech startups. His latest endeavor,, focuses on revolutionizing podcast advertising.

The Power of Podcast Advertising: Nedko explains how simplifies the connection between podcast hosts and advertisers. Podcasts of all sizes can register and list their sponsorship offerings, fostering a diverse and open marketplace.

No Minimum Download Requirement: Unlike other platforms, Nedko’s approach is inclusive. has no minimum download restrictions, allowing podcasts of all sizes to participate in the advertising marketplace.

Connect with Nedko: Connect with Nedko on LinkedIn to explore podcast advertising opportunities.

Scherrie L. Prince: The Asset Protection Guru 💡

Website: Scherrie Speaks

LinkedIn: Scherrie Speaks

Navigating the World of Asset Protection: Scherrie specializes in merging estate plans with business plans. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs establish robust succession plans, ensuring the seamless transfer of business assets.

Succession Planning Challenges: Scherrie highlights the common challenge of neglecting to update estate plans, especially in blended families or subsequent marriages. She emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to treat asset protection as they would their wellness – with regular check-ins.

The Asset Protection Blueprint: Scherrie offers a valuable resource through her App Blueprint, an hour-long webinar guiding entrepreneurs on setting up their own estate plans.

Connect with Scherrie: Connect with Scherrie on LinkedIn to explore the world of asset protection and estate planning.

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