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Linked In Scraper FAQ

  • Can I Connect With Other Apps Via Zapier?

    Yes you can connect with almost any other software via Zapier/API connection.

    You can also download your data as a CSV file.

  • How Do I Send Emails To The Emails That I Have Extracted?

    All you do is create and launch a campaign to send out an email blast to all of your gathered contacts. You can also set up a follow up sequence to keep emailing them until they respond. Not only is this extremely effective, it's very cost effective and unlimited on our Prospector Plan.

    Expolore all of the features here or go to our more comprehensive guide here.  

  • Are You Emails Verified?

    We have our own verification process for emails used on profiles however, you need to always keep your list clean and verified.

    It is therefore highly recomended that you regularly verify the emails before you do a bulk mailout using a specialist email verification service. 

    If you do this, you will be able to hit the recipients inboxes with ease.

  • Do I Need To Have Sales Navigator?

    No, you do not need to have Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator will give you more filters for your searches but it is not necessary to use our tool.

  • Can I Send Automated Messages On LinkedIn?

    You can send automatic connection requests and messages to people on LinkedIn with our Chrome extension. 

    NOTE: To send automatic messages, you need to have LinkedIn Premium. If you have a free LinkedIn account you can still send automated connection requests.

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    All of our data scraping tools come with a 2 week free trial (14 Days).

    If you wish to buy a subscription the price for the Casual Plan is $49 per month.

    For full pricing information go to our pricing page. 

    You get 14 days free trial upon registration. If you would like to buy our subscription to find emails or prospects, you can find our pricing page here. Plans start at only $49/months (Starter Plan). You also get access to all our features for a single plan.

    Our Call Center Power Dialer has completely separate pricing which can be viewed here. 

  • Can I Extract Emails From LinkedIn Groups?

    Yes you can but you need to ensure that you have a LinkedIn Premuim account to extract data from groups. LinkedIn Premium has a 30 day free trial which will allow you to test out this feature.

    Read more about how to scrape emails from LinkedIn Groups .

  • Will LinkedIn Ban My Account?

    You are 100% safe if you use our software.

    When we visit the profiles to carry out your requests we do not actually use your Linkedin account to do so. Instead we gather all of your prospect's profile links and send them direct to our servers. From the the exctraction process takes place, with no link to your LinkedIn account.

    That is how we are able to extract unlimited results (including emails and phone numbers) in complete safety.

  • What About Limitations Imposed By LinkedIn?

    Our software uses a smart 2 part process to keep prevent limitations. The chrome extension only uses your linkedin account to do searching. We also have an inbuilt function to mimic normal human browsing. The ectual data extraction happens on the back end servers.

  • How Many Emails Can I Scrape From LinkedIn?

    With our Prospector plan, you can scrape UNLIMITED emails from LinkedIn. There are no limites or extra charges.

HUGE B2B Database

  • How Is GetOffTheDamnPhone Different From Other Lead Data Providers?

    When you need leads, you should not be subject to limitations. if you want unlimited access, you can have it and we will not charge you extra for it as long as you have the mid tier "Prospector" plan.

    Another point of difference is the call center. I really beilieve in the power of cold calling so I wanted to make sure that if anyone wanted acces to a power dialer they could easily access it at a very cost effective price.

    There is nothing on the market that provides access to UNLIMITED leads at a low price plus access to a Call Center Power Dialer for just a couple of dollars per day extra.

    More information about the leads pricing can be found here.

    Information about the Call Center pricing can be found here.

  • What Types Of Data Can Be Extracted?

    It depends on which tool you use as they pull data from different sources.

    Sometimes it may be only name and email. More complete data sets can included linkedIn Profile details, phone numbers and company details.

    When using the Find B2B Contacts Tool you can expect data to look like this. 

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    You have the option of a 14 Day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required) to give the system a full test drive.

    Paid plans start at $49 per month . Unlimited plabs start at $99 per month.

    Call Centre Access costs $99 per month*. The call cenre requires some training and setting up so there is a once of set up fee of $1000.

  • Can I Export The Data Using Zapier?

    Yes you can use Zapier/API connections to import the data into the CRM of your choice.

    Alternately you can do it yourself by simply exporting a CSV file and importing directly into your CRM.

  • How Do I Contact The Leads?

    Firstly you can send unlimited bulk emails via our Cold Email Software. This allows you to send a once off email blast or you can set up long follow up sequences which will keep sending until your prospect replies, buys or signs up to your event.

    The software will allow you to connect to any email service provider. (Gmail, Amazon SES, SMTP, IMAP etc)

    We help with your inbox deliverability by providing an email warm up service included in the price.

    Secondly you can sign up for our optional call center software . This allows you to either call prospects directly or you can use your own sales staff to make calls for you. A third option is to use an external telemarketer which we can help you find.

  • Can I Cancel At Any Time?

    Yes, we make it easy to. You can cancel at the click of a button inside your dashboard

Email Finder

  • How Do I Find Emails Using Your Service

    There are several ways that GetOffTheDamnPhone allows you to extratct email addresses.

    1) Chrome Extension - With our Chrome extension you can gather email addresses from LinkedIn, Websites and google search results using filters for job title, skills, and location. 

    2) Dashboard Tools 

    • After using the Bulk Domain Search, you can generate a list of email addresses associated with specific domains.
    • Using Company Profile Search you can do a search for campanies based on filter criteria. The search results will produce email addresses.
    • Using the Bulk Email Search tool you can do a batch search based off first name, last name and domain or url to produce email addresses. 
  • Are The Email Records Accurate?

    The database is a real-time database and is constantly being refined. However some contacts will always hide their real email addresses and some email addresses will never get checked or be abandoned.

    That being said, if you use our tool you will quickly amass thousands of accurate and verfiable email records.

    The important step is to regularly clean your list before sending an email out.

    This is true not just for GetOffTheDamnPhone records but your own email database as well.

    Therefore before you do any bulk emailing of any type, it is recomended that you use an email verification service to strip out any dud records. This will ensure your email account maintains the best possible sending reputation.

    Proper list management is a recommended practice by anybody who sends out emails to a list of any size.

  • How Does GetOffTheDamnPhone Compare With Other Prospecting Tools On The Market?

    When we say UNLIMITED we mean it. We also have a much more effective LinkedIn prospecting tool than any competitor.

    You can check for yourself here. 

    Don't forget the Call Center Power Dialer. Maybe you will never call anyone, but top producers realize just how easy it is to get more sales using a Power Dialer. No other platform offers you the prospecting tools PLUS a low cost Call Center Power Dialer. 

  • Can I Access These Features On The Casual Plan?

    Yes, You can use every prospecting tool that we have, on every plan that we have.

    • LinkedIn Scraper - Extract UNLIMTED email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn. Send automated connection messages too!
    • HUGE B2B Database - Get Access To 10s Of Millions Of Companies and Half A Billion Email Addresses And Phone Numbers. All Just A Few Clicks Away!
    • Email Finder - Find the email address of any CEO or employee just from their name and company.
    • Google My Business Scraper - Export unlimited email addresses and phone numbers from millions of business listed on Google My Business.
    • Cold Email Sender - Send engaging, personalized & even funny cold emails to get guaranteed opens. But don’t stop at one! Send a follow up sequence until you get a response all done using the GetOffTheDamnPhone Software.

    The Call Center Power Dialer is separate from the prospecting tools. You can find more details about this here. 

  • Is It Truly Possible To Extract An Unlimited Number Of Emails From LinkedIn Searches?

    Our software interacts with LinkedIn in a very smart way that allows you to extract unlimited emails.

    You can learn how we do it over on the LinkedIn Scraper Faq page. 

  • How Can I Target CEO’s & Decision Makers?

    You have a lot of options to narrow in on the particular types of prospects that you want (i.e. Decision Makers).

    • Retrieve the email addresses of employees by using a list of company domains. 
    • Obtain a filtered list of companies based on country, industry, and size, and download them. 
    • Convert the names of companies to their corresponding website domains. 
    • Benefit from unlimited credits for bulk searching.

    Watch it in action here. 

Google My Business Scraper

  • Can I Integrate The Data Via Zapier Or API?

    Certainly! You have the option to export all leads as a CSV file or connect with numerous apps using our API and Zapier Integration. Alternatively, you can easily download the CSV file and import the contacts into any CRM.

  • Are These Leads Fresh & Up To Date?

    We access all of the current data on Google My Business. Most of the information is current and up to date. However occassionaly you will find out-of-date listings however this is comparatively rare because Google is very good at keeping their data up to date.

  • What Are Some Use Cases For This Service?

    If you are a contractor, business, or agency providing services to local businesses, the Google My Business Extractor can assist you in locating contact information for these businesses across any region. You can extract email addresses, phone numbers and much more.


    • SEO Agency targeting Restaurants - You can extract unlimited restaurants in any area
    • Insurance Agent targeting Building Contractors - You can extract building contractors in any area
    • Facebook Ad Manager targeting Attorneys - You can extract Attorney leads from any area
    • Copywriting Service For Local Service Providers - You can extract local service providers from any area
  • What Is The Price Of this Service?

    Upon registration, you'll receive a complimentary 14-day trial. To purchase our email or prospect finding subscription, visit our pricing page which offers plans starting at just $49 per month for the Casual Plan. With any plan, you'll enjoy full access to all our features.

  • Will I Get Blocked By Google For Using This Tool?

    Rest assured, we've got you covered. Our lead collection process utilizes several proxies and occurs exclusively on our servers, ensuring maximum safety. You can scrape as many leads as you need without fear of being blocked or banned.

  • Can I Scrape Unlimited Email Addresses & Phone Numbers?

    By subscribing to our Prospector Plan, you can extract an unlimited number of leads from Google My Business without any limit or undisclosed fees.

  • How Does Your Software Scrape Google My Business?

    The Google My Business scraper retrieves up-to-date details of nearby businesses featured on Google Maps. GetOffTheDamnPhone enables you to extract unlimited and current information about local businesses in any location.

    See An Example 


  • Can I Send Bulk Email?


    Everything that you need to know can be found in our comprehensive cold email campaign guide. 

  • How Do I Import My Contacts Into Your System?

    First you need to extract some emails using Get Off The Damn Phone

    Then you have 2 options:

    1. Automatically, by clicking "Transfer data to campaign ". This will transfer your contacts into a list for you to use.

    2. Manually, bu uploading a CSV file

  • Can I connect via Zapier?


  • What is the Email Warm Up Feature?

    Read more about our email warm up feature here.

    Email warm-up is a process of gradually increasing the volume and frequency of emails sent from a new email address or a new domain to build up a positive reputation with email service providers (ESPs) and avoid being flagged as spam. The email warm-up process typically involves sending small batches of emails to a limited number of recipients over a period of several days or weeks. This allows the sender to gradually build trust with email providers, demonstrate that their emails are legitimate and valuable, and avoid being identified as a potential source of spam or phishing emails.

  • What IS The Content Spinning Feature For?

    Content spinning in emails is a technique used to create multiple variations of an email message by automatically replacing certain words, phrases, or sentences with synonyms, similar phrases, or alternative wording. The goal of content spinning is to create unique versions of an email that can be sent to different recipients, without triggering spam filters or appearing too similar to each other. Content spinning is often used in email marketing campaigns to improve the chances of the emails reaching the inbox of the recipients, rather than being marked as spam or junk mail.

Call Center Power Dialer

  • What Is The Power Dialer?

    This will allow you to call a high number of prospects quickly.

    You just click the start button and the system will call prospects one by one. You can pause at any time.

    You can consistently call 100 people per day using this feature.

  • Why Do You Charge A Set Up Fee?

    We wanted to make it SUPER EASY To Use.

    That means that it will be best if we do all the difficult setting up for you. We also teach you how to use all of the functions.

  • Can You Find Me Some Telemarketers?

    Yes, we can provide the names of people who are very good and are also trained in how to use our system.

    They are independent contractors so you will need to make an arrangement between yourself and them. We do not employ them directly.

  • How Many Users Can Be Added To The Call Center?

    You have unlimited user seats for the Call Center. There is no extra charge to add an agent.

  • Can I Record The Calls?

    Yes you can activate a setting which will record every call and place the recording in the CRM. You can go through the history of all of your contact with that prospect and listen to every call that you have previously had with them.

    This is great for monitoring sales reps for training purposes.

  • What Is The Voicemail Drop Feature?

    You pre-record a voicemail message eg ” Sorry I missed you, Give me a call back on this number”.

    The system will detect when it enters a prospects voicemail and it will play the message so that the prospect will receive your prerecorded message.

  • How Much Are Call Costs?

    We do not put any markup on call costs. You will only pay the standard Twilio Rates. 

  • Can I Email Prospects After A Call?

    Yes, you can send an email manually or automatically. For example for every missed call you can send an email saying ” I tred to call you earlier” for example.

  • Can I Send A Text To Prospects?

    Yes you can.

    You can also set it to automatically send a text to missed calls or connected calls.

  • Is This Easy To Use?

    Yes…we set everything up for you and train you on how to use it.

    You just upload your leads and push the START button!

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