Filthy Offers: The Easy Blueprint for Pitching Irresistible Offers

If you’re a salesperson or a marketer, you know that creating an offer that pushes all the right buttons and makes a prospect likely to take action is a game-changer. So, what’s the secret? Well, it’s all about understanding the concept of a “filthy offer.” No, that’s not a rude term. It’s a baseball term used to describe a pitch that is so irresistible, the batter is powerless to resist it. It’s the perfect analogy for sales and marketing. A filthy offer is an irresistible offer that increases the likelihood of conversions and sales.

Whether you’re trying to convert people from ads, content, webinars, or zoom meetings, this blueprint is designed to help you excel.

Table of Contents

Setting the Pitch

A lot of the time, the challenge is to make the offer sizzle without it coming across as salesy or sleazy. You want your prospects to feel comfortable with their decision and be happy about their purchase. However, the fear of being overly ‘salesy’ often leads to anxiety and hesitation in creating persuasive sales copy on landing pages.

Fortunately, this easy blueprint can help you overcome these hurdles, allowing you to transform your selling approach and boost your conversion rates. Not only does it make selling fun for you, but it also enhances the purchasing experience for your prospects. It’s a win-win situation that can significantly ease your sales process.

Unraveling the Misconception

It’s a common belief that people hate being sold things. Yet, if that were the case, why are we always buying stuff? The reality is that people enjoy buying. It’s the backbone of our civilization – science is powered by industry, industry is powered by commerce and sales. We wouldn’t have made it this far if we despised buying. What people don’t appreciate is poor selling techniques – being pressured into buying things they don’t want or need.

Many salespeople lack the knowledge and expertise to provide a pleasant buying experience. This can, unfortunately, lead to prospects feeling angry or upset when being sold to. As a result, marketers and salespeople often tread lightly, afraid of coming across as pushy, which in turn affects their effectiveness.

However, when done right, selling can be a wonderful experience for all parties involved. Helping buyers do what they love – buying – should be the focus of good selling.

The Solution: Filthy Offers

Anxious selling is the root of the problem. When a salesperson is unsure or anxious, it creates a negative buyer experience. With an effective blueprint like filthy offers, all that anxiety can be eliminated. The path forward becomes clear.

Step 1: Reboot Your Mindset

It’s completely natural and expected to have some hang-ups about selling. These negative preconceptions can be counterproductive, and it’s essential to address them first. We’ll explore how to fix your mindset in more depth later.

Step 2: Use Word Tracks and Templates

The fastest way to improve your selling is by using examples and cheat sheets. These will be provided in a later section.

Filthy Offers Part 2: Be Fit to Close

Next, we’ll focus on the need to be fit to close a sale, much like preparing for a big game in sports. Let’s dive in.

Selling is Like a Big Game

Consider the importance of preparation in sports. Would you just wing it if you had a big playoff game? Of course not. You would prepare thoroughly because each game is significant. Similarly, each selling opportunity should be treated like a big game. You need to be prepared and have the right mindset to give yourself the best opportunity.

Addressing Negative Perceptions about Selling

Most people harbor negative perceptions about selling, and it’s completely normal. However, these negative feelings can bleed into your performance, affecting your ability to make a sale. While you may still close some deals, you’re likely to lose some too, which is unnecessary and fixable.

Earning the Right to Pitch

One fundamental error beginners often make is pitching their offer too early, which can make the prospect uncomfortable. If that happens, you’ve likely blown your chance. So, what do we do? We give the prospect something first – value. We temporarily put the pitch aside and focus on providing valuable information that helps the prospect deal with their real problem. Only after we have helped them do we earn the right to pitch.

Preemptive Objection Handling

Handling objections preemptively is a golden rule. Objections are reasons people give to avoid buying, and unresolved objections can derail a potential sale. If we handle objections effectively during the sales process, the sale is likely to stay on track. Imagine knowing all the possible objections before interacting with your prospects. You would handle objections effortlessly and never get tripped out. We’ll cover how to do this effectively soon.

Overcoming Fear of Selling

The biggest fear in selling is upsetting our prospects or causing someone to become angry. It’s true that this can happen, but it’s also easily avoidable. The anger response we’re worried about can only be two things:

  1. The prospect is having a bad day or dealing with stress, which we have no control over.
  2. We pitched our offer too early, which upset them.

If it’s the second reason, it’s on us, and we can easily fix that. We need to earn the right to pitch to the prospect. Anything else is disrespectful. Establishing trust by providing value to the prospect is vital.

Dealing with Fear of Negative Reviews and Trolls

Social media and the internet compound the fear of anger and rejection for some people. The fear of receiving negative reviews or being trolled is significant. Overzealous people have gone viral on social media and ended up ruined, causing what I call the “inoffensive paralysis.”

In an attempt to be nice to everyone and avoid offending anyone, we end up broadcasting a message of weakness, which is not persuasive at all. Remember, people want to be sold to; they are just picky about who they give their money to.

Stand Out with Your Offer

In another course, I discuss the idea of leaving a mark. By being assertive, even slightly over the top, you will stand out. You might lose some prospects, but others will become highly engaged with what you’re offering and your approach to getting their attention.

You might be wondering, “If I’m strong and assertive with my offer, how do I prevent the prospect from getting angry?” The answer is, again, value. We give before we ask. We solve one of the prospect’s problems with our content, and we do it for free. And while doing it, we maintain a nice, friendly, respectful, and fully engaged demeanor with the prospect.

Filthy Offers Part 3: Dealing with Haters

Haters as Indicators of Traction

If you’ve begun to make traction with your content online, you’ll inevitably attract haters. For some, this is no problem, but for others, it can seriously affect their mood and motivation. Here’s the first thing you need to know: when you start getting haters, it means you’re gaining traction. For every person taking shots at you, there are many more who like what you’re doing. The haters are just louder. So, when you begin to attract haters, see it as a sign that you’re about to break through.

Handling the Hate

However, as understandable as it may be, being attacked online can be unsettling. If you’re sensitive about it, don’t worry; it’s normal and can be dealt with easily.

  1. Fix the Problem: If a hater points out something constructive, take it on board. For example, I once had someone tell me my videos were too long and waffling. On reflection, I agreed and decided to make better, more concise videos.

  2. Block and Ignore: If it’s just a personal attack born out of jealousy, block and ignore the hater. Some people are just jealous, and their attacks are merely projections of their insecurities. Don’t waste your time on them.

Haters are inevitable when you’re visible online. Quickly deal with them and move on.

Don’t Let Fear Rule

Never let the fear of haters stop you. Would you let a stranger take food out of your child’s mouth? Because that’s effectively what you’re doing if you stop producing content and marketing due to haters. Whenever you feel challenged by haters or other obstacles, see it as a positive challenge you need to overcome, not a threat that will knock you down.

In online marketing, it’s essential to keep going. You can’t please everyone, and you will inevitably upset some people. Many people out there are simply miserable and hostile. They hate life, they hate themselves, and they hate you. There’s nothing you can do to make these people happy. Instead, focus on your audience and even strive to make the haters hate you more by repelling them.

In the next section, we will discuss the concept of knowing your base and how to reach out to them effectively. See you then!

Filthy Offers Part 4: Knowing Your Base and Singing Out To Them

Next, we are diving into a crucial concept: knowing your audience or as I like to call it, knowing your base and singing out to them.

Recognizing Your Audience

Marketing to people who are anti-marketing, anti-business, or just anti-everything will get you nowhere. No matter how incredible your offer, your pitch will fall on deaf ears. These people will probably dislike you no matter what you do. Aiming to be universally liked is a surefire way to be universally ignored, and being ignored is not good for online marketing.

Instead, focus on those who love business, who relish the idea of making money online. They’re your base. They’ll be receptive to anything that helps them build a business online. As long as you provide them with real value, they’ll not only like you, they’ll love you.

Attracting the Right Crowd

There’s an interesting parallel between online marketing and professional wrestling. Both involve building a personal brand. In wrestling, success depends on your ability to draw a crowd, just as in online marketing, the goal is to fill up webinars. Wrestlers are either universally loved (the “faces”) or universally hated (the “heels”), but both are successful at drawing in the audience. This concept applies to your online marketing strategy too.

By taking a strong stand, you’ll become a magnet for your audience. I discovered this with one of my blogs: the more opinionated I became, the more I attracted both haters and super fans. This approach helps you define your audience and draw them closer.

Being Outspoken and Attractive

By being outspoken against dishonest ‘get rich quick’ schemes, I repel those who are drawn to such strategies. At the same time, I attract people who align with my views on long-term, legitimate online marketing. Much like a pro wrestler, being a bit exaggerated allows me to stand out and be easily identified by the right people.

Credibility Through Brutal Honesty

Another benefit of this approach is that it lends credibility to your message. Many people are tired of unrealistic ‘get rich quick’ promises. By starkly contrasting these with your honest message, you’ll attract those who are skeptical of such claims.

For example, if you say: “Get rich quick schemes are all BS. Internet marketing requires hard work. If you’re not prepared to do hard work, leave my page immediately,” you may offend some people. But these aren’t the people you’re interested in anyway. Your target audience – those willing to put in the work – will be intrigued and attracted by your honesty.

Building Trust

This initial attention is just the first step, a superficial level of trust. To cement this trust, you must provide massive value without any sales pitch in sight, at least not yet.

In our next section, we’ll discuss how to be upfront about your intentions. It’s all about disclosing your agenda and acknowledging that you’re trying to sell something. Stay tuned!

Filthy Offers Blueprint: Part Five – Surprising Honesty in Sales

Next, we’re delving into the realm of being surprisingly open with your prospects. Specifically, we’ll explore how to disclose your agenda right on your sales page.

This may seem a little unusual, but it can have a profound effect on your prospects. This approach is essentially a twist on preemptive objections, where you address potential issues before they even arise.

Honesty in Sales – A Real Estate Lesson

The concept came to me several years ago when I bought a house. There was a major highway right along the back fence, which the realtor made sure to mention during our initial call. His approach piqued my curiosity and led me to visit the property. Despite the highway, I found the house appealing and ended up buying it on the spot.

Reflecting back, had the realtor not disclosed the proximity of the highway during the call, I would have felt deceived during the viewing, and likely would have not purchased the property. His surprising honesty dropped my sales resistance and made me trust him, so much so that I counterbalanced his negativity by viewing the property positively.

Implementing the Technique on Sales Pages

Just like the realtor, we can apply this transparency to sales pages by clearly stating that there’s an intent to sell something on the next page. Everybody knows that they’re on a sales page, so they’re already expecting a pitch. But being open about it creates a level of trust and primes your prospect to be more receptive when you deliver your pitch.

Here’s an example of how you could craft this:

“Look, I’m going to be honest with you. I really appreciate honesty, and I’m sure you do too. On the video on the next page, I’ll show you all the steps required to get the results that you saw on this page. At the end of that video, I will offer you a product. Respectfully and with full disclosure, if you think it has value, you may choose to try it. Some people really hate sales pitches, I get that. If that sounds like you, you can leave as soon as the sales pitch starts, or you could leave right now without even going to the next page. It’s completely up to you.”

This approach can generate a few different responses from your prospects. It will increase their trust, lower their guard, and make them more receptive to your sales pitch.

If you’re delivering a live webinar, this technique can help you feel calm and confident about making your pitch, as you’ve asked for permission beforehand. Plus, you now have a license to be aggressive with your pitch without feeling guilty.

Some people might leave after your upfront disclosure, but don’t worry about that. You’re merely filtering out people who would never have purchased anything anyway. And for those who stay, your honesty, coupled with the value you provide, can be simply irresistible.

Remember, for this strategy to work, you must deliver massive value upfront. In the next section, we’ll talk about the art of pitching your sale after you’ve delivered value, explaining why you should never pitch before value is provided.

See you then!

Filthy Offers Blueprint: Part Six – Value First, Pitch Second

Now we’re going to explore an essential principle in online marketing: why you should pitch after you have delivered value, and never before.

Famed psychologist Robert Cialdini, author of the fantastic book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” provides us with six principles of persuasion. Today, we’re focusing on three of those principles — reciprocity, authority, and liking — and how they tie into the concept of providing value in online marketing.

Reciprocity in Marketing

Cialdini’s principle of reciprocity states that people dislike feeling indebted to others. By genuinely solving a problem for someone through free content, you create a sense of indebtedness. This feeling often prompts the prospect to repay you in some way, usually leading to purchases, thanks to the principle of reciprocity.

Establishing Authority

The principle of authority highlights that we naturally trust and obey individuals we perceive as authoritative figures. This perceived authority can come from various signals, such as uniforms or qualifications, but most importantly, competence.

In online marketing, providing high-quality content, far superior to the common fluff, can establish you as an authority figure. As a result, your directives become more persuasive, improving conversion rates.

The Power of Liking

Cialdini’s principle of liking points out that we are more likely to be influenced by those we like. The classic marketing mantra of getting people to “know, like, and trust” you is very much relevant. Offering valuable content presents countless opportunities for prospects to like, know, and trust you.

Through sharing your fears, emotions, and stories within your content, you allow prospects to identify with you, increasing the chances that they’ll like and trust you. This bond can lead to sales when the time comes to pitch.

Putting It All Together

How might this look in a real-life scenario? Imagine a prospect struggling with online ads and lacking a lead funnel setup. If this individual comes across free content you’ve created — content that spells out how to use copywriting techniques effectively and how to include order bumps and upsells at the checkout process — they are likely to view you as an authority and be more receptive to your pitch.

By the time you make an offer to automate all these processes for them, they’re primed and ready to buy, thanks to the value they’ve received upfront. This is the power of offering value first before making your pitch.

In our next section, we’ll dive into preemptive objection handling, a technique to address potential objections before your prospects even think of them. Stay tuned!

Until then, happy marketing!

Filthy Offers Blueprint: Lesson Seven – Mastering Preemptive Objection Handling

Next, we delve into an often overlooked but game-changing concept: preemptive objection handling.

Let’s kick things off with a personal anecdote. When I was house hunting, I came across a property with a highway situated at the back. The realtor preemptively handled this potential objection, stating over the phone, “Ah, you don’t really want this. There’s a highway right at the back of it.” However, upon visiting the property, I realized it wasn’t as big a deal as I initially thought. The noise levels were minimal, and the house was perfect otherwise. I ended up purchasing the property.

So, why is this story relevant? It beautifully illustrates the power of addressing objections before they become a roadblock in the prospect’s decision-making process. If the realtor hadn’t brought up the highway issue beforehand, I would have been anxious about it, possibly resulting in me not buying the house.

The Power of Preemptive Objection Handling

By bringing up objections at an early stage, you prevent prospects from focusing on potential negatives. Anxiety is a deal-breaker in decision-making. No matter how fantastic your offer or how great the price, a prospect riddled with anxieties will most likely opt for the safe route and decline your offer.

Thus, it’s crucial in online marketing to preemptively handle objections and alleviate prospect anxieties. It’s also vital to time it right. If you wait until the call-to-action stage to address objections, you’ll come off as cheesy and less persuasive.

Handle objections when you’re providing upfront value. When prospects are consuming the value you’re offering, they’re not thinking about being sold something. It’s in this relaxed, receptive state that you plant the seeds of objections and handle them from the outset.

Practical Application of Preemptive Objection Handling

Let’s envision a scenario. You’re planning a webinar where you’ll teach prospects how to build a lead funnel, and at the end, you plan to pitch a product. Your primary goal is to sell the free webinar content.

Prospects might have several objections to attending your webinar — it might be long-winded, complicated, and they fear they’ll still lack a functional lead funnel by the end. Preemptively handle these objections using statements like:

“We’ll present information in short, digestible chunks, making it easy to follow. By the end, you’ll have a fully operational lead funnel that you can use immediately or refine further.”

Such statements alleviate the prospect’s anxieties, ensuring they aren’t fixated on potential objections. As a result, they’re more likely to sign up for your webinar.

As we move into our next lesson, we’ll unveil the “Filthy Closing Formula”, a robust closing strategy that will revolutionize your interactions with prospects, landing page creation, sales letter writing, and ad campaigns. Stay tuned for this game-changer!

Until next time, happy marketing!

Part 8 of “Filthy Offers” – Filthy Closing Formula

Next, we’re going to be diving into the juiciest part: the Filthy Closing Formula. After you’ve created value and presented it to your prospect, this formula will transform your proposition into an irresistible offer and significantly boost your sales conversions.

So, how does the Filthy Closing Formula work? It all starts with the product description, followed by its features, benefits, benefits of the benefits, and then showcasing how the product delivers these benefits. Next comes the call to action, an incentive, a statement clarifying why this is a good and safe use of the customer’s time and money, burning the time-wasters, and finally, the introduction of bonuses and scarcity.

Let’s put this into practice with a fictional product: Filthy Energy, an energy drink. Imagine we’re pitching this product, and let’s walk through the Filthy Closing Formula.


Applying To Filthy Closing Formula To A Fictional Product

Product Description: Introducing a brand-new energy tonic, Filthy Energy. This innovative product offers boundless, non-jittery energy, transforming your productivity levels.

Features: Filthy Energy is formulated to enhance energy, concentration, and memory recall for up to six hours per day – all without disrupting your sleep cycle, as it’s stimulant-free.

Benefits: With Filthy Energy, you can boost your productivity at work, get more done in less time, and even improve your pre-workout routine. This is the tool you need to power through your gym sessions and finally liberate yourself from caffeine.

Benefits of the Benefits: Imagine the pride you’ll feel as you consistently complete projects on time with fewer errors. Picture the satisfaction of never skipping the gym due to fatigue, gaining more energy, and sleeping like a baby, all thanks to a stimulant-free solution.

Showing How The Product Delivers the Benefits: But how does Filthy Energy accomplish all this? It’s all down to the unique formulation. Filthy Energy is the first US-based product to contain phenylpiracetam, a compound developed by the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1983 to help cosmonauts cope with the stresses of working in space. Research on animals has shown that phenylpiracetam has anti-amnesic, antidepressant, anticonvulsant, and axolotic effects, as well as memory enhancement. This compound is proven to increase task accuracy and endurance, boosting your performance at work and during physical tasks like exercise.

Call to Action:

Now that you’re armed with all this knowledge about Filthy Energy, it’s time to make a decision. You’ve heard about its unique features and benefits, understood the impact it can have on your life, and learned about the science that backs it up. But all of this means nothing unless you take action.

This is your moment to grab hold of your productivity and take control. Are you tired of relying on coffee and other stimulants to get through the day? Do you dream of making it to the gym regularly, nailing your workout routines, and improving your overall health? Filthy Energy is your ticket to achieving these goals.

That’s why we’re inviting you to take the next step: Try Filthy Energy today. Don’t just take our word for it—experience firsthand how this groundbreaking product can revolutionize your daily routine and boost your productivity.

With every can of Filthy Energy, you’re not just purchasing an energy drink, but investing in a better, more energetic, and productive version of yourself. It’s time to rise above fatigue, to take charge of your life, and to show the world what you’re truly capable of.

Don’t wait. Act now. Seize the day with Filthy Energy. You won’t regret it.

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