🎙️ Exploring Visionaries and Career Joy with ST Tangirala and Jonathan Dumas

🌟Visionaries in Focus

In this insightful interview, ST Tangirala and Jonathan Dumas share their perspectives on visionaries, career transitions, and the importance of authenticity in the workplace.

πŸ“š ST Tangirala: Unveiling “Havensbury”

ST Tangirala, a prolific writer, brings forth his latest creation, Havensbury, a Coming of Age tale that follows the journey of a young entrepreneur navigating the complexities of life.

πŸš€ Jonathan Dumas: Guiding Career Transitions

Jonathan Dumas, an organizational psychologist and career transition coach, illuminates the path towards career joy and fulfillment.

πŸ” Organizational Psychology: Decoding Workplace Dynamics

Dumas’s expertise in organizational psychology allows him to uncover the intricacies of company culture and employee well-being.

🌈 Career Joy vs. Career Despair: Navigating Work-life Balance

Dumas emphasizes the shift from career despair to career joy, emphasizing the importance of aligning personal and professional passions.

πŸ‘” Rethinking Professionalism: Breaking Down Barriers

Dumas challenges the notion of professionalism as a one-size-fits-all concept, advocating for authenticity and inclusivity in the workplace.

🌐 Connecting with Jonathan Dumas: Coaching for Success

Visit heyjonathan.com to explore Dumas’s coaching services, sign up for his newsletter, or schedule a Vibe Check to kickstart your journey towards career joy.

πŸ“– “Havensbury” on Amazon: A Journey of Discovery

Dive into ST Tangirala’s world of Havensbury on Amazon and embark on a transformative tale of growth, entrepreneurship, and community.

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