Dr. Priscilla Schelp: Transforming Networking with NetworkX.app 🌐


Now, we get to talk to the fantastic Dr. Priscilla. She shares insights about her startup, NetworkX.app, and how it’s revolutionizing networking for individuals and organizations.

Background and Startup Journey 🚀

Tell us a little bit about your story when you’re not playing polo. What are you doing, Dr. Priscilla? Working on my startup, to be honest.

NetworkX.app: Building Impactful Connections 💼

  • What is NetworkX.app?
    • It’s a platform for individuals and organizations aiming to build a world-class network for success.
  • Exclusive Clubs Worldwide 🌍
    • Admitting members to exclusive clubs like Business, Private Member, Polo, Yacht, Golf, Rotary clubs.
  • Meaningful Networking 🤝
    • Emphasizing connections with kind, heartful individuals for long-lasting relationships.

User-Friendly Platform 🖥️

  • Free Sign-Up

    • Users can sign up for free, create a profile, and explore suggested clubs based on their criteria.
  • Diverse Club Options 🌟

    • Offering a variety of clubs including business, private member, rotary, polo, sports car, art, sailing, golf, and more.
  • Global Reach 🌎

    • Serving clubs globally, providing opportunities for individuals worldwide.

Redefining Exclusivity 🌐

  • Pre-Screening Process

    • Redefining exclusivity by pre-screening individuals based on personal qualities rather than relying solely on referrals.
  • Demystifying Joining Process 🤔

    • Making it easier for people to join exclusive clubs, breaking barriers and creating opportunities.

Benefits for Business Owners 🏢

  • Personal Network Enhancement 🌐

    • Elevating personal networks and gaining access to diverse opportunities.
  • Inner Circle Trust 🤝

    • Building trust within exclusive circles, connecting with successful individuals for mutual support.

Joining NetworkX.app 🤝

  • Simple Sign-Up Process

  • Events and Memberships 🎉

    • Attend events, get to know clubs, and apply for membership to expand your horizons.

Connect with Dr. Priscilla 📱

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