Danny Brassell And Hillary Glaser

🌟 Interview Highlights with Danny Brassell

From Teacher to Global Speaker

Former teacher, Danny Brassell, shares his mission to infuse joy into education and the workplace.

  • Speaking Engagements: Travels worldwide, addressing schools, corporations, and nonprofits for about 100 days a year.
  • Top Reading Program: Online program teaches parents to foster a love for reading in their kids within two months.
  • Executive Coaching: Assists business leaders in crafting engaging presentations to drive action.
  • CEO of CyberSmarties USA: A company eliminating cyberbullying by teaching positive social media use.

Fostering a Love for Reading πŸ“š

Danny provides insights into encouraging kids to read and the impact of closed captioning.

  • Strategies: Recommends turning on closed captioning as a quick and effective strategy.
  • Reading Frequency: Emphasizes that the key is not what you read but how much you readβ€”aiming for 20 minutes a day.
  • Dyslexia Support: Highlights the benefits of being read aloud to, especially for dyslexic students.

Crafting Engaging Presentations for Executives 🎀

Danny explains his approach to helping business executives become compelling speakers.

  • Stump Speeches: Creates signature talks for individuals, injecting humor, joy, and hope into presentations.
  • Differentiation: Stresses the importance of standing out and creating connections with the audience.

Free Gifts from Danny 🎁

Exploring Danny’s website, where he shares valuable resources for educators and parents.

  • Complimentary E-book: Offers a free copy of his book, “Read, Lead, and Succeed.”
  • Five-Day Reading Challenge: Provides access to an online challenge aimed at parents to enhance kids’ reading excitement.
  • Weekly Inspirational Emails: Subscribers receive ongoing inspirational content.

Connect with Danny Brassell 🌐

Where to find Danny on social media.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Interview with Hillary Glaser of EllieNJojo

Nod to the Google of the Past πŸš€

Hillary introduces Ellie and JoJo, a digital marketing company inspired by the pre-internet era.

  • Digital Marketing Focus: Helps small businesses, especially those without access to ad agencies.
  • Clientele: Works with a range of businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to larger players like Subaru.
  • Therapist Niche: Accidentally developed a niche working with therapists in digital marketing.

Challenges in Marketing for Therapists πŸ€”

Hillary addresses common pitfalls therapists face in marketing their services.

  • Private Pay Explanation: Therapists often fail to communicate the benefits of private pay over insurance.
  • Content Marketing: Highlights the importance of creating relevant and engaging content for prospective clients.

Importance of SEO and Content Marketing πŸ–‹οΈ

Hillary discusses the role of SEO and content marketing in her strategy.

  • SEO Compliance: Works on making clients’ websites SEO-friendly.
  • Content Creation: Collaborates with clients, sometimes writing content in their tone and voice.

AI in Content Creation πŸ€–

Hillary shares insights into using AI for content creation.

  • AI’s Role: Acknowledges AI’s potential but emphasizes the need for manual modification.
  • Branding Importance: Stresses the importance of maintaining the client’s tone and voice for authenticity.

Connect with Hillary Glaser 🌐

Where to find Hillary and EllieNJojo on social media.

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Details on how to connect with Danny and Hillary for more information or consultations.

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