Build A Marketing Agency Lead Funnel In 50 Minutes With ChatGPT

In today’s session, I’m going to walk you through how I create an entire lead funnel for Marketing Agencys, using Chat GPT. It’s going to be a game-changer, here is why:

  • I create a landing page using great sales copy
  • I create a sales video in 30 minutes total

All Sales Copy Is Done By ChatGPT in Less Than a Minute

  • Then I gather 5000 Email addresses in under 24 hours
  • Finally I Use ChatGTP to write a 4 Part Cold Email Sequence

Table of Contents

Step 1: Crafting Compelling Value Propositions

  • Enter prompt into ChatGPT
  • Generating 20 Value Propositions
  • Selecting the Standout Proposition
  • Solving the Issue of Unpredictable Revenue Cycles
ChatGPT Prompt 1 - Marketing Agency Funnel
ChatGPT – Output 1

Absolutely, I understand. Your company specializes in lead generation services for marketing agencies. Lead generation involves identifying and attracting potential clients or customers who are interested in the services provided by the marketing agencies you work with. These leads can then be nurtured and converted into actual clients by the marketing agencies. Is there something specific you'd like to discuss or ask about your company's services?

ChatGPT Prompt 2 - Marketing Agency Funnel
ChatGPT Output – 2 – Value Proposition
  1. Problem-Centric: Identify your customer’s main problem: Struggling to consistently find high-quality leads for your marketing agency? Identify all the benefits your product offers: We deliver a steady stream of pre-qualified leads directly to your inbox. Describe what makes these benefits valuable: Say goodbye to the frustration of cold calling and hello to warm leads ready to engage. Connect this value to your buyer’s problem: Our lead generation services alleviate your lead acquisition challenges. Differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value: We excel in targeting your ideal clients, ensuring your agency’s growth.

  2. Efficiency Booster: Identify your customer’s main problem: Overwhelmed by time-consuming lead sourcing tasks? Identify all the benefits your product offers: Our automated lead generation system saves you hours, finding leads that match your criteria. Describe what makes these benefits valuable: Reclaim precious time to focus on strategic client initiatives and business expansion. Connect this value to your buyer’s problem: Streamline lead acquisition with our efficient solution, freeing you from tedious tasks. Differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value: Our technology ensures consistent lead delivery, giving you an edge in lead quality.

  3. Quality Over Quantity: Identify your customer’s main problem: Tired of sifting through irrelevant leads that don’t convert? Identify all the benefits your product offers: We curate a personalized list of highly targeted leads that fit your agency’s niche. Describe what makes these benefits valuable: Save resources by pursuing leads that have a higher likelihood of conversion. Connect this value to your buyer’s problem: Our service transforms your lead pool into a goldmine of potential clients. Differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value: We specialize in precision targeting, ensuring every lead is a potential opportunity.

  4. Predictable Growth: Identify your customer’s main problem: Struggling to predictably scale your marketing agency’s client base? Identify all the benefits your product offers: Our lead generation strategies provide a consistent influx of new clients. Describe what makes these benefits valuable: Achieve steady growth without worrying about lead shortages or droughts. Connect this value to your buyer’s problem: Empower your agency’s expansion with a dependable source of new opportunities. Differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value: Our proven track record showcases our ability to fuel agencies’ growth.

  5. Expert Niche Targeting: Identify your customer’s main problem: Finding it difficult to locate leads within your specialized industry segments? Identify all the benefits your product offers: Our expertise in niche targeting uncovers hidden leads specific to your agency’s focus. Describe what makes these benefits valuable: Tap into untapped markets and create a stronghold in your industry. Connect this value to your buyer’s problem: We’re the missing link between your agency and the ideal clients you’ve been searching for. Differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value: Our tailored approach ensures you access clients your competitors can’t reach.

Step 2: Persuasive Sales Copy for the Landing Page

  • Utilizing Unicode for Emphasis
  • Objective: Encouraging Marketing Agency owners to Book a Zoom Call
  • Inspiration from Great Copywriters like Dan Kennedy
ChatGPT Prompt 3 - Landing Page Sales Copy
ChatGPT Output – 3 – Landing Page Sales Copy

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Step 3: Creating an Impactful Sales Video Script

  • Addressing Marketing Agency Owners Problems
  • Instilling Excitement and Urgency
  • Highlighting the (fictional) Lead Generation Company Results
ChatGPT Prompt 3 - Video Sales Letter Copy
ChatGPT Output – 4 – Video Sales Letter Script Using ChatGPT

Part 1 โ€” Open With a Shocking Statement

[Scene: A dynamic office setting, with marketing professionals bustling around. The camera zooms in on a frustrated marketer.]

Narrator (energetic tone): “Attention, savvy marketers! Did you know that a staggering 68% of marketing agencies face the heart-wrenching challenge of unpredictable growth? But guess what? The tides are about to turn, and you’re in for a game-changing revelation.”

Part 2 โ€” State the Problem and WHY It’s a Big Deal

[Scene: The camera shifts to a graph showing fluctuating leads.]

Narrator (confident tone): “The problem is crystal clear: your agency’s future is at the mercy of inconsistent lead flow. It’s not just a problem; it’s a ticking time bomb threatening to stunt your agency’s growth, suffocate your dreams, and keep you stuck in the relentless cycle of feast and famine.”

Part 3 โ€” Agitate the Problem

[Scene: A marketer sighs as they close their laptop in frustration.]

Narrator (empathetic tone): “Picture this: you’re burning the midnight oil, pouring your soul into your agency’s services, but those coveted clients remain elusive. The constant hustle, the sleepless nightsโ€”it’s all taking its toll. Isn’t it time you break free from this suffocating loop?”

Part 4 โ€” Make It Even Worse For Them (PUSH IT Over The Line)

[Scene: The camera shifts to a marketing agency owner facing financial stress.]

Narrator (urgent tone): “Imagine this nightmare: bills piling up, dreams slipping away, and the competition is steadily leaving you behind. You can’t afford to keep letting these opportunities slip through your fingers. The stakes are higher than ever, and it’s time to take charge.”

Part 5 โ€” Introduce The Solution

[Scene: The camera transitions to a serene, futuristic office space.]

Narrator (enthusiastic tone): “Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to unveil your lifelineโ€”the beacon of hope you’ve been searching for. Introducing ‘The Path to Predictable Prosperity’โ€”your key to a consistent influx of ready-to-convert clients, each step strategically mapped out for your agency’s success.”

Part 6 โ€” Credibility: Why They Should Listen To You

[Scene: A successful agency owner confidently addresses the camera.]

Agency Owner (confident tone): “Hey there, fellow marketers. I’m [Your Name], founder of [Your Company]. I’ve been in the trenches, and I know firsthand the struggles you’re facing. But I also know the exhilaration of breaking free from the chains of unpredictability. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve emerged triumphant.”

Part 7 โ€” Proof

[Scene: Quick shots of happy marketing agency teams celebrating success.]

Narrator (proud tone): “Doubtful? Don’t be. Our strategies have catapulted countless agencies into the stratosphere of steady growth. Just listen to these agency owners who’ve transformed their destiny with our lead generation expertise.”

Part 8 โ€” Exactly What You Get

[Scene: The camera pans across a sleek presentation highlighting services.]

Narrator (enthusiastic tone): “So, what’s the magic recipe? We’re handing you the keys to a customized lead generation engine. A personalized plan, tailored to your agency’s niche, harnessing cutting-edge technology to identify and nurture leads that align with your vision.”

Part 9 โ€” Specific Reasons To Act Now

[Scene: A countdown timer appears on the screen.]

Narrator (compelling tone): “Now, here’s your reality check: Opportunities like these are once-in-a-lifetime chances. Our schedule is filling up fast, and the first-mover advantage is real. Act now, and you’ll be locking in your spot to the future you deserve.”

Part 10 โ€” The Close

[Scene: The camera shows the narrator with a confident smile.]

Narrator (authoritative tone): “Don’t let your agency’s future hang in the balance any longer. Say goodbye to the roller coaster and hello to the steady climb of success. The Path to Predictable Prosperity is waiting for you. Click below to schedule your exclusive strategy session. Seize your agency’s destiny now!”

[Scene: A button appears on the screen with “Schedule Your Strategy Session Now.”]

Narrator (excited tone): “Time to write your agency’s success story. Let’s do this!”

[Scene fades out with a powerful quote or tagline.]

Narrator (whispered): “Make the future yours.”

[End of video.]

View The Completed Video Sales Letter

NOTE: This IS For A Fictional Product

Scraping 5000 Email Addresses In 24 Hours

Play Video

Data Gathering Strategies:

  • Employed B2B data Marketing Agency owners and Google My Business scraper.
  • Extracted 50000 records of U.S. small-sized marketing agencies.
  • Combined Marketing Agency email addresses, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles for comprehensive targeting.

Cold Email Sequence Creation:

  • Developed a sequence to encourage marketing agency owners to book Zoom web meetings.
  • Leveraged email signatures to include the link for professional and non-spammy communication.
ChatGPT Output - 5 - 4 Part Email Sequence

Don’t Underestimate Phone Numbers:

  • Recognize the importance of phone numbers for direct and effective communication with Marketing Agency owners.

Setting Up the Email Campaign:

  • Created a new campaign with the Marketing Agency owners email list.
  • Added follow-up emails to engage marketing agency owners further.
  • Set time zone, days, and times for optimized email delivery.

A Word of Advice:

  • Encourage testing of the email campaign before launch for optimal results.
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