Anymailfinder Review – Is It Worth The Money is an online tool that specializes in finding and verifying email addresses associated with specific domains or individuals.

Anymailfinder allows users to search for email addresses by entering the domain name or the name and domain of an individual. It uses its database and search algorithms to provide a list of potential email addresses matching the input.

The tool offers email verification functionality to check the validity and deliverability of email addresses. By using various verification techniques, it helps users ensure that the email addresses they have collected are active and likely to reach the intended recipients.

Anymailfinder supports bulk email address search, enabling users to process a large number of email searches simultaneously. This can be useful for companies or individuals who need to find and verify multiple email addresses in one go.

Anymailfinder provides an API that allows developers to integrate its email finding and verification capabilities into their own applications or services. This allows for seamless integration and customization of the tool’s features.

The accuracy and coverage of the email addresses provided by depend on the quality and scope of its database. However, as with any email finding tool, there may be instances where the provided email addresses are outdated or incorrect.


  • Find verified emails: Anymailfinder uses a variety of methods to find verified emails, including scraping the web, using external services, and verifying emails with the receiving server.
  • Person email lookup: Find the email address of a person by entering their name and the company name or domain.
  • Company email finder: Find email addresses of a company by entering the company name or website.
  • Decision maker email search: Find the email address of key decision makers within a company. Enter the company name or domain and job title or department you’re interested in and we’ll find it for you.
  • Create targeted email lists: Enrich your existing list of companies or people with emails, or build a new list from scratch.
  • Chrome extension: The Anymailfinder Chrome extension makes it easy to find emails from LinkedIn profiles.
  • API: The Anymailfinder API allows you to integrate email finding into your own applications.


PlanPriceMonthly limitYearly limit
50 verified emails/mo.$14/mo.50600
1,000 verified emails/mo.$49/mo.1,00012,000
5,000 verified emails/mo.$99/mo.5,00060,000
10,000 verified emails/mo.$149/mo.10,000120,000
30,000 verified emails/mo.$299/mo.30,000360,000

All plans are available as one-off purchases or on a monthly subscription basis. You can save 33% by paying annually.

Anymailfinder also offers a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.

What I Like About Anymailfinder

  • Proper Email Verification: They do actually properly check the emails for validity as far as I can tell, which is quite reassuring.
  • Free trial: Anymailfinder offers a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.
  • Easy to use: Anymailfinder is easy to use, even if you’re a complete idiot like me.
  • Affordable: Anymailfinder is affordable, especially when you consider the quality of the results you get.

What I Hate About Anymailfinder

 The 97% Delivery Guarantee Is not what you think it is. The internet is full of BS Marketing claims and this Guarantee is one of them.


There is no fucking way that you are hitting the inbox 97% of the time with emails from Anymailfinder.


Here is why I know

  1. I could be using a brand new, cold email account which WILL get treated like spam until I warm it up.
  2. If I send 5000 emails on Day 1, they all will be marked as spam or will not be delivered at all.
  3. If I send from a dirty IP address they will get marked as spam or just bounced completely and not delivered at all

In fact some people have said that they have received a high number of bounced emails after using Anymailfinder and that is because of the reasons I listed above.



So Don’t Get Too Excited About The Anymailfinder Guarantee – It’s Marketing Puff



  • Other reviewers have said that the pricing is too high. Some people have said that they would prefer to pay a one-time fee for the service, rather than a monthly subscription.
  • Some reviewers have said that the customer support is not very good. Some people have said that they have had difficulty getting in touch with customer support, or that they have not been satisfied with the response they have received.


  • Very good verification service
  • Pricing is pretty competitive
  • Ignore the guarantee it marketing BS
  • Just my opinion, but yes Anymailfinder is worth the money.
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