Moe Falah: From Solo Entrepreneur to Building a $125 Million Solar Sales Empire! ☀️

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Building from Scratch: The Genesis of Moe’s Solar Empire:

Moe started his entrepreneurial journey in late 2018, venturing into the solar industry with a mission to make a mark. What sets his story apart is the decision to go solo, crafting his empire without the backing of an existing business. However, Moe acknowledges the crucial role played by mentors and resources, ensuring a balance between independence and guidance.

Over the span of three years, Moe transformed his venture into a powerhouse, boasting over 125 team members across three states and five offices. The company achieved a staggering $125 million in solar sales, all through strategic door-to-door advertising.

🌞 The Solar Opportunity: Moe recognized the low friction points and high desire for solar solutions, leveraging government subsidies to propel his business forward.

The Grit Behind Success: Turning Desires into a $125 Million Triumph! 💪🏽

Julie, the interviewer, highlighted Moe’s hands-on approach to success, acknowledging the challenges of selling one’s way to the top. Moe shared the pivotal role of desire and determination in his journey.

🔥 Momentum and Perseverance: Moe emphasized the 10 years of trial and error that led to his breakthrough. His relentless pursuit of success fueled by a burning desire eventually led to monumental momentum, which he refused to let slip away.

🚀 Foot on the Pedal: Unlike many, Moe recognized the danger of easing up when success arrives. He stresses the importance of maintaining momentum and continuous effort, a key philosophy that sets him apart.

Coaching for Character: Moe’s Commitment to Personal Development 🌱

Transitioning from business success to coaching, Moe launched to train entrepreneurs, specifically focusing on the solar niche. The coaching program extends beyond traditional business coaching, aiming to shape individuals into better versions of themselves.

🧠 Character Overhaul: Moe believes in fixing a person’s character as the foundation for success. He draws parallels with video game characters, emphasizing that habits define one’s character. The coaching program aims to align habits and actions with personal and professional goals.

Niche Success: Moe’s Solar-Centric Coaching Approach 🌐

Moe recently launched his coaching program, primarily concentrating on the solar industry. While plans for expansion exist, he recognizes the power of niche specialization.

🌍 Riches in Niche: Moe acknowledges that the riches often come from niche markets. The coaching program, currently focused on solar and roofing, may diversify in the future.

Training with Moe: The How and Where 🌐

For companies seeking Moe’s expertise for their sales force, the training is available both in-person within the United States and virtually through Zoom or Google Meet. Group coaching sessions and limited one-on-one coaching slots are part of the program.

💻 Connect with Moe: If you’re in the industry and seek guidance from someone who’s walked the walk, Moe Falah is a name worth following.

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